• Season 2, Ep 12

Fishfull of Dollars

Free money!  If you’re willing to pull it from a tank filled with baby piranhas!

01/14/2016 · 2:45

These fish aretotally harmless.

So grabbing cash atthe bottom of the tank

should be easy.

Unless you leadsomebody to believe

they're flesh-eatingpiranha in the tank.

That's when it getsa little weird.


(both screaming)


Fishing for money!

Hey, man, you want toget 100 clams?

No, man.(bleep)

Oh, well, okay.

Would you like$100, ma'am?

What do Ihave to do?

You got to reach downto the bottom of the tankand grab your money.

That's all yougot to do.

That's it?(David)Come over here.

It's easy asone, two, three.

Hey, man, you want towin 100 bucks?

Come over here. Come over here.Come over here.

There's a hundred-dollarbill

inside that tiny,little treasure chest.Okay.

And if you just putyou hand right on in there

and unlock the secret code,

easy as one, two, three,

you get to keep it.

All right, I'll do it.

These are baby piranhas.

(Derek)All right, look.

They have, like, very,very miniscule teeth.

You're gonna begold, okay?

You guys are bleeding.

The problem isthey can smell fear.

If we didn'tgo in afraid,

then they wouldn'thave bit us up.

That's casualtiesof fun.

That's not blood.

Can I get a gloveor something?


Listen, it's a hundredbucks, all right?

Okay. All right.I'll do it.

This is safe, right?Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.Yeah, you know.

Be careful.Uhh...

(David laughing)

This is exciting.

Oh, my God.They're hungry!

Yeah, they are.You got this.

They see the dark meat.Come on.



Oh, my God, they're,like... ugh!


Ah-ha-ha!Don't scream.

Don't scream.That only triggersmore attention.

I've never seen 'emswarm like that.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.I don't see any blood yet.

Keep going!(shrieks)

It feels so weird.

Your hand is the baitfor $100 cash.

There you go.Come on, man!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.Oh, my God.

They're just giving youkisses.

They're justromantic fish.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.Oh, my God.


Ah, you gotthe lock!

You're opening upa treasure chest.

What do you find?(chuckling)

Oh, my God.Oh, the little guys.

Hey, they don't wantyou to leave,

but you got $100!



The bottom ofDavy Jones' locker!



It's what a wethundred looks like.There you go.

A wet hundred is as goodas a dry hundred.


Taste it. Yeah.It's $100.(chuckles)

But you did it.You got $100.

I did it.Thank you.

You did it.I can pay my rent.

With $100? Where areyou living at?

You live in a box?