• Season 1, Ep 3

sneak peek: prepping for leslie

Kennedy will not let the other sorority girls ruin her afternoon with Leslie Garner.

11/23/2016 · 0:58

- Okay, the houseis all cleaned up.

The bongs arein the bong closet.

The pledges forgotto pick up the crudités.

Can you guys go get some?

Leslie's gonna be hereany minute.

- We have pizza.

- We can't serveLeslie Garner pizza.

She's been on "Oprah."

- What's going on?

Why are you guyslooking at us like that?

- I'm doing an extracredit assignment.

- You're getting extra creditfor meeting Leslie Garner?

For what class,business strategy?

I want extra credit.

- We took mushrooms.

- Don't worry, we timed it out

so they won't kick inuntil after...Leslie...

- Are you kidding me?both: Oh...

- You guys, this isreally important to me.

I have been waitingfor two years

to get Leslie Garnerto come speak to us.

[doorbell rings]Oh, my God.

Okay, that's her.

Gaby, Fiona--okay, yeah, yeah, yeah,

you need to goto the record store, okay?

Jules is gonna look after you.

No, no, no, this way,this way, this way.

Thank you, Mackenzie.