• Season 7

Being Barbara: Will dating be too much of a distraction to raise Jace?

Jenelle suggests giving her custody of Jace, so that Barbara can date without distractions. Don’t miss the “Being Barbara Special" on Monday, July 11th at 9/8c!

07/07/2016 · 1:14

So, guess what?

We've been havingthe best time.

We wereat the Dead End Saloon,

looking for, like,guys for love.

- Why don't youget on Tinder?

- Well, 'cause that'sanother issue, but anyways--

- Okay, so...I don't get it.

- You don't get it?

- What do you mean,you want a friend?

- Yeah, a friend.

Friend, maybe goout for dinner.

- Sexually active,not sexually active?

- If it happens, it happens,but that's not important.

- So that's dating.

- Not really.

- [laughs]Yeah.

- Maybe a friend with benefitsif it happens.

It's, like, no big deal.

- Well, I think thatyou should live your life

without any responsibilityof any more kids anymore.

- Yeah.

- Okay.- Okay.

- Okay?

- That's all I have to say.

- All right, so--

- So?

- What about Jace?

- I don't want to fight.We're not fighting.

- I'm just saying, wouldn't yoube more happier?

- You know, the thing--the problem--

- No, no, listen,listen, listen,

what I'm saying iswouldn't you be more happier

if you can just come homeand be like,

"I can do whatever I want"?

- Listen,I don't want to do this.