• Season 1, Ep 3 · Highlight

Badass Moment: Kennedy Comes First

Kennedy puts her lunch with Leslie Garner and her dreams before Nate’s football luncheon.

11/30/2016 · 1:03

- You--you got to be kidding me.

- I'm so sorry.

- You didn't evenmention to her

that you have my luncheon?

- I can't tell Leslie Garner

about yourfootball luncheon, Nate.

She doesn't care.[laughs]

- Well, what about you?Do you care?

- Of course.

Nate, of course I care,

but I mean, this isa huge opportunity for me.

She wants to talkabout my future.

- Being named team captain isa once-in-a-lifetime thing,

unless it happensagain next year.

I shouldn't haveto plead my case.

- Okay, but what is this?

Is there something else going onthat I don't know about?

- No!

You're my girlfriend,and I want you there.

What do you think it looks likeif I show up without you?

- Oh, okay, so, um--

so I'm supposedto give up on something

that's really important to me,

why, becauseyou're Nate Griffin,

Wolverines quarterback?

You know what,I'm sorry you feel hurt,

but this is a meaningfulopportunity for me,

and I'm gonna take it.