• Season 6, Ep 13

sneak peek: Catelynn wants a horse

After a trip to the stables, Catelynn wants to buy her own horse and Tyler isn't able to convince her otherwise. Don’t miss new episodes of #TeenMomOG Mondays at 9/8c.

11/09/2016 · 1:57

So me and Nova had fun today.

- What'd you guys do?

- Went to the horse stables,remember?

- Oh, yeah.- She was a handful

at the stables, though.She wanted to, like, get down

and I'm like,"You can't get down

"and walk around horses.

They're gonna kick youin the head."

They had one of the ones there

that I liked for sale.Her name was Callie.

She's $3,000because she's young

and she's very, um,

she's very, like,a broad spectrum.

You can put little kidson her,

you can put scared adultson her,

and she does really good.

So, you know, it's just,first of all,

it's finding a horsethat you like.

And if I'm interested in one,then that's when, you know,

you call a boarding facility,see what they offer,

how much they arebefore you even buy a horse.

You know what I mean?

Then you just kind ofgo from there.

- How much does boarding cost?

- You can get boardingsfor $100 a month.

You can get boardingsup to $600 a month.

- No, he--like--$600 to $800.So it depends.

It just depends on the boardingfacility that you pick.

- I was thinkingabout it yesterday.

I was like, maybe Cate can,like, volunteer at some stable.

- Well, no, volunteering'sdifferent though.

I want to be able to rideif I'm having a panic attack

and be able to go.

- So what does volunteeringlook like? You feed 'em?

And that kind of stuff?- Yeah, brush 'em.

All that kind of stuff.- That's equine therapy

right there, and it's free.- Yeah.

- [laughs]I'm just saying.

- I want to buy a horseso I know it's mine

and I can go ride itwhenever I want

and I can bring itto my house whenever I want.

And if I'm havinga panic attack,

I don't have to pay $30and go with somebody.

I can jump on my horse

and go wherever I want to.

- But what I'm saying is

what is the differencein cost between

purchasing it outrightand then boarding it

or just paying $30 every timeyou want to ride it?

- It's way more expen--

paying $30 every single time?

If I'm gonna have a horse,I want to be able to

have a bond with the horseand it's mine.

For sure.- Okay.

Got it.

- Not right now,not anytime soon.

But eventually, one day,I will own my own horse.

- Got it. Right.- One day.

- Got it.- It'll be mine.