• Season 5

sneak peek: Call it what it is

Jenna is looking to reapply to SCU, but her mom has some concerns.

05/17/2016 ยท 1:01

- Okay, so big news.

I'm pretty sure I wantto go to SCU.

- Oh, honey, I know,but they didn't accept you.

- No, I'm reapplying.

I think I'm gonna get in.

- What? Really?Sweetie, that is amazing.

I'm so proud.Wait. Why?

- Because it's SCU.

- But you love Wyckoff,

and you're doingso great there...

and Luke is here.

And why does it take me so longto catch on to things?

I need to stop breast-feeding.

My brains are being sucked outthrough my--

- Mom!This is not about Luke.

- But isn't this exactlywhat you told Matty

not to do for you?

- Totally different.

I've wanted to go to SCU

since beforeI even met Luke.

Luke has nothingto do with it.

- Honey, he does...

and that's okay.

I'll support youwhatever you do,

but know what you're doing.

Call it what it is.