• Season 2, Ep 13

Junk Drawers

The key to unlock the cash is hidden in your friend's drawers - would you be willing to fish it out?

01/21/2016 ยท 2:41


You want to winsome cash today?

What do I have to do?

All you gotta do isget in your underwear

and get chained up.


Look at this!Four guys!

I would love to give youa little bit of money

if you playa game with us.

Hey, bros.

Do you want to winsome cash today?

Um, sure,what do we gotta do?

All right, fellas.

Today, we're gonnachain y'all together

and basically y'allhave to find the keys

that will unlockyour friends.

Y'all gonna bea team of four

going up againstanother team of four.

So whichever team unlocks eachother first gets $200.

(David)Hell yeah.

(Derek)But, left one thing out.

Y'all gotta wearonly these.

Whoever gets out, $200,200 bucks.

(David)Come on!

(Derek)There's gonna be a bunch of keys

right in this pouch.

It's up to you to find the rightkey and free your friends.

It's not awkward at all.

200 bucks.Come on!

Drawers?Let's do it.

Let's do it.I'll do it.

You in?Yeah, I'll do it.

You feeling it?Yeah, we'll do it.

Yeah!We'll do it.

Oh, yeah!

(Derek)All right, fellas,let's chain you up.

Get nut to butt and we'll bringthe chains out, all right?

Nut to butt!

All right,you're all chained up.

It's $200.

Fellas, remember,

the only thing you pull outthem drawers is keys.

In three, two...

(horn blaring)

Come on, key!

Team, team key, yeah!


(David)Find the key!

(Derek)You can do it!

(woman)Gotta go faster!

(Derek)Freedom is in thereach around, fellas.

Houdini didn't have to gothrough this (bleep).

No, he didn't.

(Derek)Teamwork! Teamwork!

Team--(David)He's out, he's out!

Go to the back andfree your friend!

Go to the back, you gottaunlock your friend in the back!


(David)Teamwork! Teamwork!

(Derek)Find the key!

Free your friend!

This is the most uncomfortableteam-building exercise

I've ever seen.


Come on, find the key!

Find the key!

Yeah!(indistinct shouting)


There's threein there...

There you go!


They got one more to go!

Come on, guys!

(Derek)Come on, quickly!

Come on!



Got it!Yeah!

Good job, guys.

(Derek)Stuff your drawers with victory.

Stuff your drawerswith victory.