• Season 1, Ep 3 · Highlight

Badass Moment: Fiona’s Got Brains

Fiona proves that she is more than the sorority girl that Harris thinks she is.

11/30/2016 · 1:03

Are you writing a legal brief?- No.

I'm writing an essayto get onto the law journal

about the race bias

within the local police force.

- Are you using these casesto support your thesis?

'Cause they don't work.

Whoever attacked Skinny Jefftook his wallet and his watch.

Tommy Cope and Will Powellweren't robbed.

It's a different crime.

Your control group is wrong.

"Floyd et. alversus The City of New York."

That'd be a bettercase to cite.

- That's astop-and-frisk case.

- Mm.But it establishes bias.

- Hmm.

How do you know all this?

- I'm pre-law,

and my mom isa Federal Circuit judge.

Melinda Price.

- The HonorableMelinda Price is your mom?

- Have you read herinterpretation of Prop H?

"The court vigorously rejects

that corporationshave more of a right..."

- "To safe, secure housing

than individual citizens."

- [laughs]

- I have to admit,

I'm very attractedto you right now.