• Season 7, Ep 9

sneak peek: a tear-filled phone call to javi

Javi’s deployment is starting to take a toll on him and Kailyn in the next episode of #TeenMom2 — airing Monday, May 16th at 10/9c.

05/04/2016 · 2:09

- Dad?

- Daddy's at work.

- Oh.[phone chiming]

- Look, Daddy's calling.

Want to see Daddy?

Hello, finally.

- Hi, babe.

- And he got his hair cut.

- And you got a haircut. Nice. Looks good.

- He was--he was screamingthrough the whole thing.

- All right, man.

- So thank you for dinnerlast night.

- It was so fun.Yeah.

It was a lot of funjust to, like,

get dressed upand go out to dinner

and, you know, just to getout of the house

and just, like, haveconversation with adults

and hang outwith my friends and stuff.

So it was fun,and we loved the flowers.

That was so creative.

- Well, I wanted to--- I'll give you kudos for that.

- I wanted to get flowers for everybody just because--

- Yeah, that was really sweet.

I think all the girlsreally liked that.

- You know, your friends also play a huge role

in our marriage

and how you--how you deal with me being gone. So--

- You--just kidding. - Oh, yeah.

So I just wanted to show them I was appreciative of them too.

- Yeah.No, that was awesome.

Thank you.It was a lot of fun.

What's the matter?Why are you shaking your head?

- This place is just draining.

- I know.

- What can we doto help you have better days?

Is there anythingthat we can do?

- There's nothing. It's just--it's just sad.

It's the same thing every day.

- You know, it gets hardwith the conversation.

It's like you don'tknow what to do.

So I'm just tryingto figure out, like,

what can I do to,like, help your days,

but I don't thinkthat there's anything

that I can really dobesides just, like,

reassure you that,

you know, we're gonnaget through this,

and time is gonna go by fast.

Just don't let it [bleep]with your head.

I feel like it's messingwith your head.

Just--you can't letthat happen.

- And--okay, you say it's--- I know.

It's easier said than done.I know.

- I can't go anywhere. I don't have anything here.

I have my room.

I eat, and I sleep to wake up again.

- [crying]