• Season 6, Ep 14

sneak peek: Catelynn and Tyler check out a new house

The new hosue is a fixer-upper, and Tyler isn't sure if he wants to make the deal. Don’t miss new episodes of #TeenMomOG Mondays at 9/8c.

11/15/2016 · 1:47

♪ Live our lives

♪ We could run away - Come on!

- Oop, there's a hole there.- It's all right.

- Go get her.- You're okay, you got it.

Come on, girl, we're gonnabe living in the country.

You got to get used to it.

[Nova crying]

Ah-ha, look.

- It's nice to meet you.- Nice to meet you, too.

- How you doing, Patrick?- Well, hello.

- This is it. This is--

- Yeah, so this is wherewe need to go through.

About the bucklingin your floor.

- Yeah, that's all garbage.- You couldn't even get a dime

in hereif you wanted to,

and there's a spot herethat's buckled also,

but this is, like, the most,and that's where it gave there.

So like I said,we have to pull all this out.

We're gonna haveto pull out half the trim

that's on the floor,so all that--

that whole half'sgonna have to come out.

Okay, then outside.

- Come on, let's follow Daddy.- Now for your gable.

- Yes.- You want to center it

at the door?- Yeah, I want the peak

of the gable to be--- The peak right at the door.

- Right at the top of the door.- And so then--

- Right.- What's a gable?

- A roof.Yeah, we're gonna put

an overhang, like, a porch.- Oh, I see.

- So it doesn't looklike a trailer.

- Yeah.

To re-side everythingall the way around

and to do all the removal,um,

you're looking at--- That's a lot of sixes.

- Six and a half.- So 6,500 bucks

for the siding and about6,000 for the gable.

Including the floorswe're talking, like, 15 grand.

What are your thoughts, honey?

- That's not bad.- It's not bad?

- No, let's just do itso we can get the hell in here.

- I have to just think about it.

- And it's bestto think about it.

- I'd probably endup being, like,

almost 20 grand over budget

with what I planned on doing.

- You got to do what you gotto do, so...

- Oh, God.