• Season 28, Ep 5

sneak peek: simone vs. ashley

Simone and Ashley share words - and they don't hold back.

05/25/2016 · 1:34

split up friendships;that's her game.

Simone is like this little devil

that's just compacted all the evil

into one little human being.

I'm gonna say somethingto this bitch.

- Been in a relationship... - Ashley, Ashley.

I have never had sex...

- Ashley, you sat in here,and you...

[speaking indistinctly]

And you okay with that.

- I don't give a [bleep] if youdon't like Jamie like that!

- Okay.

- You did say you don't wantto date a police officer.

You did say that.

- You are a joke...- But you did say that, though!

Y'all said that...[speaking indistinctly]

- What [bleep] am Itrying to suck, Ashley?

- Well, okay.

- Because I am attractedto people? I'm human.

I'm attracted to peoplejust like...

- And they're notattracted to you!

That's the sad part.- And that's fine!

And I don't care!

- At least the people...- I don't care!

- That I want to [bleep],they want to [bleep] me.

- I don't care.Sluts, you're a slut!

- But you're a slut![both shouting indistinctly]

- [bleep].- [laughing] You're a slut.

- You're a slut 'cause youdon't want to [bleep].

- You're a slut,so that's fine.

- "Wes is a manipulator."- Well, he is.

- "Oh, Wes."- Bitch.

- Bye, bitch.- So you're trying to tell me

you really thinkI fell in love with Wes?

Wes is [bleep] weak as [bleep]!He's ugly as hell!

- That's fine!- 'Cause it's weak!

'Cause it's weak!You're a weak ass.

- Yeah, my ass is ripped'cause I'm weak

'cause I was humpinga bar of soap.

- [bleep] weak ass.- [speaking indistinctly]

'Cause you're a weak ass.- Girl, why don't you shut up?

- How are theynot embarrassed?

"Do you know whyyour [bleep] is ripped?