• Season 1, Ep 4

sneak peek: yas danny!

Veronica shares the details on her new guy, Raymond.

09/19/2016 ยท 1:09

- So, who is this guy?

- Raymond.

He's really cute.

He works in accounting.

He's a manager.

People like him.

He seems really fair.

I like his taste in shoes.

- That's good.

Let me see a pic.

- Oooh, yes, yes, yes, yes.

He's cute.

Most importantly,does he have a big one?

- It's fine.

- Is it?

- It's a good size.

- Mm, I think you'relying to yourself.

- Okay, it's not one of thoseones where you like...

you know, he takes it out,and you're just like, "Uhh!"

- I have never been like,"Uhh!,"

when I see a big, old penis.

- A huge one?

- A huge one,I'm always like,

"Yes, Daddy! Yes!

Jesus has blessed me tonight!"

- [laughing]

- So, when's the next timeyou're gonna see him?

- Tonight.- NICOLE: Oh.

- At the quarterly party.- NICOLE: Oh.

- Which you are alsogoing to come to.

- W-w-what?

- I need himto see that I have friends,

so he doesn't thinkI'm like this weird loner lady.

- I am so sorry.

I have so much business to do.

- Open bar.- Yes, please.