• Season 5, Ep 3

sneak peek: investigating Justin

Nev and Max take to the web to find out more about who Justin really is.

03/04/2016 · 2:52

>> ♪ Oh, oh-oh-ohh

♪ Tell me what you want...

>> We found a cool coffee shop.

>> You ready to crack this

case wide open?

>> I'm ready, just--

>> ♪ Tell me what you want

♪ From me

>> [sneezes]

Ahh. All right.

Investigation time.

Here we go.

>> All right.

Recap: Leuh met Justin 2 1/2

years ago.

Instagram direct message,

then text message.

Then she went to visit him,

but he blew her off.

And she has

exclusively considered schools

in Southern California

because that's where he lives.

Something's definitely up.

Here we go.

"Below is the information

I have on Justin.

His phone number.

His Instagram.

His last name.

He lives in Huntington Beach."

That's it.

"I don't have any other

social media for him.

I know he's mentioned Facebook

before, but I have never

seen it."

>> All right.

Let's search

Justin's phone number.

>> Okay. Here we go.

Searching, searching.

>> both: Ohh!

>> Rita.

That's his last name.

That's good news.

>> That's great news.

>> That means it's probably

registered to his mom.

Age mid-50s.

That never happens.

That never happens.

Huntington Beach.

That's great.

>> It's great for us, 'cause

the story is checking out.

>> Right.

Well, at least his name

we now know

is actually his last name.

>> Yeah.

>> Okay, here's his address

in California.

Well, that's helpful

information--are you writing

any of this down?

>> Yep.

>> Okay, we got to look this guy

up on Instagram.

Instagram/J [bleep].

He looks like he's in his 20s.

>> Yeah.


>> That's real-ish.

>> Yeah. That's a normal amount.

400 posts.

God, I wish he wasn't private.

>> If we just search for Justin

[bleep] on Instagram,

would we find other pictures

that people tag him in?

>> We can try.

Okay, here's an Instagram.

Is he tagged in this?

>> Isn't that him

with the backwards hat?

>> This guy?

>> Yeah.

>> Is that him?

>> I think so.

J [bleep], yeah.

>> Yeah, he's tagged

in this picture.

>> Yeah.

>> Well, that's good.

>> Yeah. People are tagging him.

Look, he's in another picture

right there.

>> Yeah.

>> So, search for Justin [bleep]

on Facebook.

>> Justin [bleep].

Here's a Facebook page.

>> So, he does have

a Facebook page.

>> That was easy.

I can't believe she didn't know

he had this.

>> Well, she didn't search.

>> Okay.

Let's see about...single.

>> It says he's single.

That's good.

Okay, birthday April, '91.

Which would make him 24, yeah.

>> 24.

>> We've never had someone

check out so easily.

>> Yeah, I mean,

he's got a Facebook page

that we found, he's tagged

in other people's profiles.

His phone number checks out.

Everything points

to him being real.

>> But as we've learned,

when the person ends up

being who they said they were,

the reasons why they've kept

the other person away from them

are generally worse.

>> Worse.

All right.

So, 20 hours ago he updated

his profile picture.

>> He's got tattoos.

Who's that?

>> both: Who is that?