1. Premiered 1/06/08 In New Hampshire, the former president talks with Tim Kash about the youth vote, Hillary's qualifications and much more.

  2. Premiered 8/17/07 The Republican and Democratic nominations are still up for grabs, as young people make their voices heard in the primaries.

  3. Premiered 7/24/07 The Democratic presidential candidates were faced with some unusual and even ballsy video questions posed by Americans from across the country.

  4. Premiered 7/03/07 The Alabama teen posts videos protesting the Iraq war on her Peace Takes Courage blog — and receives daily death threats.

  5. Premiered 5/21/07 Susan Hu, a recent Columbia graduate, talks about the "hopelessness" she discovered at Guantánamo Bay, where 380 so-called "enemy combatants" are being held.

  6. Premiered 5/03/07 Webcam correspondent Matt Sunbulli talks with Joe Anthony, who says presidential contender Barack Obama's camp took his MySpace URL.

  7. Premiered 3/09/07 Young people are enrolling in the military, while some are protesting and a lieutenant is refusing to go. Also, is a draft possible?

  8. Premiered 3/08/07 If you think war critics are staying quiet, despite lagging Iraq war support, you haven't been looking on the Web -- or on 'The View.'

  9. Premiered 2/07/07 A lieutenant who doesn't agree with the conflict refuses to serve there. Ehren Watada's court-martial is now set for July 16.

  10. Premiered 2/23/07 Ivy League-educated Cory Booker's political aspirations led him to the projects of Newark, New Jersey.

  11. Premiered 1/30/07 More than 100,000 marchers crowded the nation's capital to protest the president's plan to send more troops to the Middle East.

  12. Premiered 1/19/07 Lawmakers cranked out six bills in about 50 hours, beating the Dems' goal. Get the scoop on what went down gavel-to-gavel.

  13. Premiered 1/19/07 Behind the famous faces is an army of young aides, assistants and unpaid interns who keep the U.S. government running. Here are two.

  14. Premiered 11/08/06 The Dems take the House and might get the Senate too. Also, an abortion ban was defeated, while same-sex-marriage bans were passed.

  15. Premiered 11/07/06 Dems took control of Congress, but what were the big issues leading up to the vote? Here's everything we have on the 2006 election.

  16. Premiered 11/06/06 Scandals in Congress and impatience with Iraq could help Democrats, but Republicans are rallying their base with ballot initiatives.

  17. Premiered 11/06/06 Despite round-the-clock curfews, Shiites and Sunnis took to the streets to praise or decry Saddam Hussein's death sentence.

  18. Premiered 11/06/06 The nation's eyes are on the small, Western state as its voters head to the polls to challenge Roe v. Wade on Tuesday.

  19. Premiered 10/05/06 Does the Iraq war, immigration or Mother Earth have you fired up? Then make a difference and vote in the November 7 midterm elections.

  20. Premiered 9/25/06 Are we winning the war on terror? Rice talks to MTV News about the leak of classified information that suggests we're not.

  21. Premiered 9/12/06 Swarthmore College students talk to Iraqis and others in the embattled nation to get the real story in MTV News' Morning Edition.

  22. Premiered 8/28/06 Here are five things you need to know about Cuba's ailing leader.

  23. Premiered 7/31/06

  24. Premiered 5/30/06 MTV News explores the issue of immigration through the eyes of two young people on opposite sides of the border ... and the debate.

  25. Premiered 5/01/06 ... plus Fall Out Boy's tourmates spill on-the-road secrets, Tom Cruise reveals details of his latest "Mission," and more in MTV News' Afternoon Edition.

  26. Premiered 3/22/06 Musicians and activists call for the withdrawal of troops at Monday event.

  27. Premiered 3/20/06