Other Video

  1. Premiered 4/17/07 Sway and John Norris visit the Virginia Tech campus, grieving with students over the 'shameless act of violence.'

  2. Premiered 3/25/07 Spring break is a chance to help Louisiana's recovery, rebuild ecospheres, protest the death penalty, preserve nature and more.

  3. Premiered 8/25/06 After Katrina decimated the city, young volunteers stepped up to make a difference like never before. But will it ever fully recover?

  4. Premiered 3/25/06 College students skip partying to get more out of spring break, helping the needy, fighting for issues and making a difference in South Africa, Costa Rica and across the U.S.

  5. Premiered 9/10/05 Gideon, SuChin and Sway come face-to-face with the New Orleans disaster on the ground. Shocked and horrified by what they see, they help evacuees find a semblance of hope.

  6. Premiered 9/07/05

  7. Premiered 9/08/05