1. Premiered 4/24/07 A 42-year-old muscle car is pimped out with a biodiesel engine, outraces a Lamborghini and earns a thumbs-up from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  2. Premiered 2/13/07 Get the goods for doin good!

  3. Premiered 10/11/06 The California governor talks about how you can help the environment -- and his green Hummers.

  4. Premiered 12/06/06 Doing away with wrapping paper and traditional holiday cards and recycling old goodies are a few ways you can go green this season.

  5. Premiered 11/19/06 Jay takes a journey of a lifetime, discovering how lack of clean water leads to horrific conditions -- and finding hope along the way.

  6. Premiered 11/02/06 Tired of doing your homework the old-fashioned way? One high school is helping stop global warming by using keyboards and Palm Pilots.

  7. Premiered 10/05/06 Does the Iraq war, immigration or Mother Earth have you fired up? Then make a difference and vote in the November 7 midterm elections.

  8. Premiered 8/30/06 Check out these brand new Break the Addiction PSA's.

  9. Premiered 9/29/06 Check out what Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie, Blackalicious and others are saying about global warming.

  10. Premiered 9/01/06 Al Gore breaks down one of the biggest problems facing the environment and how you can help

  11. Premiered 9/08/06 Want to save the environment, save cash on gas and get a workout? Grab a skateboard instead of your keys next time you leave the house.

  12. Premiered 9/08/06 See how cloth napkins, a coffee table made of recyclables and a well-placed fan can save money and the environment.

  13. Premiered 5/26/06 A team of Philadelphia high school students explain how they souped up an environmentally conscious car

  14. Premiered 8/28/06 The former VP lays out his 'Inconvenient Truth' -- and a series of simple steps you can take to help reverse climate change.

  15. Premiered 4/14/06

  16. Premiered 4/21/06 With driving tips from George Clooney, an innovative clothing line and a few more helpful simple steps, you really can make a difference on this very green day.

  17. Premiered 2/20/06