More on Possible New Prevention Methods

PrEP: One such new method under investigation is PrEP or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. PrEP is the use of oral antiretrovirals (drugs to fight HIV) by HIV-uninfected individuals who believe they are at risk of getting HIV due to their risky behaviors. The idea researchers are exploring is how well these drugs, which help treat people who have HIV and also help prevent mothers from transmitting HIV to their babies, could do in preventing HIV infection in the first place. PrEP would be taken prior to any potential exposure to HIV.

Bottom Line: We won't know for several years whether PrEP provides a new tool in our prevention war-chest. And, even if PrEP is proven to be effective and safe over the long term after clinical trials, as with all of HIV prevention, it must still be combined with other prevention methods including using condoms, every time, and lessening risky behaviors. So, take a look back at the ways to reduce your risk today!

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MICROBICIDES: Another prevention method that is in clinical trials is microbicides. Microbicides are topical substances, such as a gel or a cream, that could be applied to the vagina or rectum to reduce HIV transmission. Microbicides would be especially beneficial to women, who often have a difficult time negotiating condom use with their partners; with a microbicide, a woman would be able to use without the knowledge of a sexual partner, if she needed to, and protect herself.

Bottom line: Scientists and researchers are still testing microbicides and, while it is possible that one might be available in a few years, at this time, there are no safe or effective microbicides available to the public. So, take a look back at the ways to reduce your risk today!

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