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Positively Negative HIV/AIDS 2005 Story Writing Contest

Congratulations to our contest winner, Andre Sparrow!
Andre's story "Fallen Stars" was chosen by a panel of celebrity judges, including Scarlett Johansson, Spike Lee, Jesse L. Martin, Jose Rivera and Honorary Chair Morgan Freeman, for its original fiction writing about HIV/AIDS.

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While you're waiting for Andre's story to be made into a film, watch the 2004 Positively Negative HIV/AIDS Winner, The Hard Way, written by Shawn Nabors on MTV Overdrive.

 Learn More About the Contest

 For More Information: www.hearmeproject.org

 Questions? Email: contest@hearmeproject.org


Excerpt from Fallen Stars By Andre Sparrow, Hear Me Project 2005 Contest Winner

...Everything used to be cool. I was the smart, quiet, athlete until that one day in English class when we had a substitute. And you know the routine, no matter how big, how tall, how dark, or how firm they were in their tone, we wasn't doing no work unless the teacher was there. Even as freshmen in high school, we already had adopted the "Sub is here, we are giving sub par effort," way of thinking, that so many upper classmen had taken years to get. So of course when that way of thinking comes into play, usually little conversations break out in the classroom. But, this day was different, not before long, everybody collectively was talking about sex. I mean from the guys to the girls, from the popular kids to the loser-get-punked-everyday kids, somebody had something to say, and even if you were minding your business, somebody would call you out. And sure nuff, just about 10 minutes before the bell, somebody, (I think it was Chris), turned around in the seat in front of me and asked me, "Hey, man, you a virgin?"

At first I tried to play it like my Newsweek magazine was too entertaining to have noticed him asking, but he came at me again even louder the second time. "Yo J', dog, you ever 'beat' with one of them girls I see you on the bus with?"

This time I couldn't avoid it. I just flipped the page and nonchalantly told him it was none of his business what I do. Then somebody chimed in, "Josiah, ain't getting nothing from nobody. That kid is virgin like his middle name was Mary!"

Lynette, a girl who I knew had a thing for me came to my rescue. I knew she was smarter than I was, so she had to have a thing for me, always asking if we could meet up at the library so I could explain something from class. "Leave him, alone. Josiah's a good guy, unlike some of you dogs." She scanned the classroom with squinting eyes and a scowl, that turned to a pretty smile when she finally met my eyes. "Josiah is waiting for marriage. Ain't you J?"

I didn't answer. I sat there scanning the classroom trying to gauge what response would result in the least criticism from everyone as a whole. Kente was sitting next to me, quiet, waiting for my response. Then he leans his head over towards me and whispers "J, let um know man. Don't front for these sucks. Most of these cats' definition of a threesome is them, their hand and a bottle of lotion."

I squinted as I thought about what he said, and as if in a vacuum, the classroom became completely silent, and all their attention was on me. Kente was right though, why front? "Naw, I ain't waiting for marriage. But, no doubt, I am waiting for somebody, who if I ain't in love with, I really care about. I mean waiting for marriage? It's not that serious. But, at the same time, I aint trying to run up in no chick I don't know, and get sick or become somebody's daddy at my age."

Chris again, not satisfied with my answer, asked, "So are you saying you're a virgin J?"

"Of course man." On that note I noticed a couple of people looking around at each other. I guess some of the kids who had lied about having sex, after seeing how my response was received and not challenged were thinking to themselves, "I could've said that and got away with it."

Copyright HEAR ME 2005 All Rights Reserved

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