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On July 2, 2006, Mexico will hold its Presidential election.

And for the first time ever, eligible Mexicans residing in America can vote for President through absentee ballots.

Approximately 10 million Mexicans live in the US, but only those previously registered to vote in Mexico will be eligible. This brings the number of potential absentee voters in the US down to 4 million.

The deadline to mail in registration forms for an absentee ballot is January 15, 2006. If you are eligible, it is important to make sure you will be able to vote. As the January 15 deadline approaches, just less than 10,000 out of those eligible 4 million Mexicans in the United States have requested a ballot.

Eligible voters must obtain an absentee ballot request form from either your nearest Mexican consulate or embassy or here. You will be required to complete the forms, include a copy of your voter registration card, and proof of address (one copy of any piece of mail). To speak to a representative from Mexico's Federal Electoral Institute, please call 1 877 3 IFEMEX (1 877 3 433 639). Answers to frequently asked questions can be accessed here.

Be part of history. Vote.

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