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The divide over how we should control our nation's borders continues to gain momentum in the U.S., with young people around the country taking to the streets. Some of the big questions being debated are:

  • Should the U.S. allow foreign workers to live here for a temporary period?

  • Should illegal residency in the U.S. become a felony crime?

  • Should harsher penalties be imposed on those who employ illegal immigrants?

  • Should more controls be placed at our borders?

First, check out different perspectives shaping the debate:

think MTV wants to make sure that you can decide for yourself what the U.S. should do about immigration, and give you the tools to get informed and make a difference.

 Perspectives shaping the immigration debate

Now see how you can join with others to make your voice heard - regardless of where you stand on the issues. Some can also serve as excellent resources for learning even more about immigration issues.

If you are Pro-Immigrant Rights:

 National Immigration Forum

If you are Pro-Immigration Control:

 Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
 Americans for Immigration Control

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Watch The Immigration Debate: What you Need to Know

 Hear students speak out on immigration
 The voices of immigrants
 National organizations working on immigration
 Immigration in your state

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