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You've been watching Laguna Beach - and you may remember all the headlines from June 1, 2005 - when this region experienced a major landslide. Fifteen families experienced tremendous loss - their homes, land, and many valuables are gone. These families are all of moderate means.

Best estimates suggest many of these families will be out of their homes for more than two years. Their expenses and losses are not covered by landslide insurance (California insurance companies do not offer landslide insurance) and they will continue to pay for their homes while they're not even living there. Once they are able to return, the families face high costs to rebuild their houses and their lives.

The Laguna Beach cast is pitching in by putting on a fashion benefit. Check out the information below to learn how you can TAKE ACTION today.

 City of Laguna Beach/Landslide Relief
 Bluebird Canyon Community Association

If you have an idea for a creative community service project to help the people of this region, click here to get resources for a think Venture Grant.
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Watch the Laguna Beach Landslide Victims PSA on Overdrive

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