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Do you wish you had a platform to voice your opinion on the topics that people in the public eye frequently comment on? Have you ever read a quote from a celebrity and wished you had a forum to respond to it...or been infuriated by something a politician said but had no way to express it? Well here's your chance. We're looking for quotes from you, our think.mtv.com users to be featured in an on-air campaign. Read the questions below and take this chance to speak for yourself and WE MAY FEATURE YOUR USERNAME AND RESPONSE IN OUR SPEAK FOR YOURSELF PROMO CAMPAIGN!!!

Check back every week as the questions and topics will change on a regular basis.

Problems? Email us at SFYS@mtvn.com.
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1. How do you feel about celebrities using the media to share their opinion on political issues such as the war in Iraq? (No more than 40 words)

2. Plenty of people in the public eye, from Kanye to Sean Penn, have shared their perspective on Hurricane Katrina, the response to it, the media coverage of it and how it really brought the existence of poverty in our country to the forefront. Here's your chance. Sound off about Hurricane Katrina- anything goes. (No more than 40 words)

3. There have been some people in the public eye that after speaking out against the administration or war felt they were black-balled or labeled as being unpatriotic. What is your feeling on this? Should they be censored, are they unpatriotic, or is it within their rights to publicly oppose the actions of our government? (No more than 40 words)

Note: in accordance with our Terms of Use, your post may be made part of an on-air campaign to increase awareness of important political and social issues.  Thanks for your contribution.
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