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 Sexual Health
 Step 1: Examine Yourself
 Step 2: Choose Wisely
 Step 3: Become Independent
 Step 4: Re-Energize Your Space
 Step 5: Transport Better
 Step 6: Get Political
 Step 7: Go Paperless
 Step 8: Shop Smarter
 Step 9: Go Healthy
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 April: Face the Addiction
 May: Examine Yourself
 June: Choose Wisely
 July: Become Independent
 August: "Re-Energize" Your Space
 September: Transport Better
 October: Get Political
 November: Go Paperless
 December: Shop Smarter
 January: Go Healthy
 February: Love, Protect, and Preserve
 March: Consider an Alternative
 April: Celebrate Your Impact


October: Get Political

October 1st: Put pressure on your local politicians to come clean about where they stand on the environment.

October 2nd: Rally students at your school to demand a 100% clean energy policy from your administrators.

October 3rd: All politics is local. Vote for a student body president with an eco-friendly platform.

October 4th: Start an Environmental Action Committee at your local school or community center. Get your friends involved and make change happen together.

October 5th: Speak to your school administration about promoting a green, eco-friendly campus. Encourage them to recycle and reuse school waste.

October 6th: Encourage your local politicians to pursue eco-friendly garbage and waste removal projects.

October 7th: Report illegal dumping. Improperly disposed waste can pollute the soil, water, air, and your health.

October 8th: Get attention for your issues. Ask environmental lobbying groups to speak out about the issues you care about most.

October 9th: You've got extra time and skills to lend. Offer them to a local environmental organization.

October 10th: Buy fair trade products such as coffee, bananas, honey, or chocolate to benefit nearly 5 million needy people in 50 countries worldwide.

October 11th: Be your own action hero. Write to your local representatives and urge them to make decisions that are good for the environment.

October 12th: You are what you eat. Demand environmentally-friendly organic products in your school cafeteria.

October 13th: Ask your Mayor how your city disposes of its waste. Demand eco-friendly removal.

October 14th: Respect environmental laws and regulations and encourage others to do the same.

October 15th: Time is money, so donate yours to an environmental organization.

October 16th: Volunteer for water clean-up efforts in your hometown.

October 17th: Saving the earth tastes good. Commit to buying only fair trade coffee. Fair trade farmers use fewer pesticides and help preserve the environment for the future.

October 18th: For your next field trip, convince your school to pitch in at local environmental clean up sites. Help the earth while you boost your grades.

October 19th: Get informed. Sign up for e-newsletters to hear about local environmental protests, bills, and pressing issues in your area.

October 20th: Before casting your vote in November, learn about where your local candidates stand on the environment.

October 21st: Save the world with your cell phone. Report unusual pollution, garbage, or sewage to local authorities.

October 22nd: Congress says that you have the right to know about toxic pollution in your area. Call your Mayor's office to find out what's going on behind the scenes.

October 23rd: Create and circulate your own petition that demands eco-friendly power in your school.

October 24th: The customer is always right. Contact your local grocery store and encourage them to stock up on environmentally-friendly products.

October 25th: Invite your representatives to present their local environmental plan to your school. Your approval matters to them.

October 26th: Bring out your inner-activist and begin a letter-writing campaign urging local manufacturers to make eco-friendly products.

October 27th: Learn the terms of the trade - recycled vs. recyclable, carbon emission vs. carbon offset - so your representatives know you are serious about the environment.

October 28th: Lend your voice to make change. Support public campaigns and sign petitions that protect the environment.

October 29th: Your environmental campaign starts at home. Urge everyone in your household to make environmentally responsible decisions.

October 30th: Knowledge is power. The more you know about global warming, the better you'll be at fighting it.

October 31st: Start an environmental club at your school. You should care about the future of your planet.

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