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 Sexual Health
 Step 1: Examine Yourself
 Step 2: Choose Wisely
 Step 3: Become Independent
 Step 4: Re-Energize Your Space
 Step 5: Transport Better
 Step 6: Get Political
 Step 7: Go Paperless
 Step 8: Shop Smarter
 Step 9: Go Healthy
 Step 10: Love, Protect and Preserve
 Step 11: Consider an Alternative
 Step 12: Celebrate Your Impact
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 April: Face the Addiction
 May: Examine Yourself
 June: Choose Wisely
 July: Become Independent
 August: "Re-Energize" Your Space
 September: Transport Better
 October: Get Political
 November: Go Paperless
 December: Shop Smarter
 January: Go Healthy
 February: Love, Protect, and Preserve
 March: Consider an Alternative
 April: Celebrate Your Impact


November: Go Paperless

November 1st: Have your name removed from mailing lists. Cut down on junk mail and reduce waste.

November 2nd: Save paper by sending texts, instant messages, and emails instead of paper notes.

November 3rd: Recycle all paper products. If there's no recycling bin around, ask your local representatives or school authorities to get them in place.

November 4th: Stick to cloth napkins, towels and dishware whenever possible. They can be re-used and won't end up in a landfill.

November 5th: Instead of tossing away the years, use a calendar that can be wiped clean and reused.

November 6th: Surf the web and save the environment. Read your news online instead of renewing that newspaper or magazine subscription.

November 7th: You know what you like, so stock up. Buying in bulk saves conserves paper for packaging AND saves you 20% to 40%.

November 8th: Use both sides of the sheet when printing or making copies to reduce your paper waste by 50%.

November 9th: Avoid excessively wrapping those gifts. Make the goods, not the packaging, the most important thing.

November 10th: Sign up for e-zines and blogs to remain in the know while saving paper.

November 11th: Be kind to trees. For every ton of paper recycled, we save 60lbs. of air pollution and 17 trees.

November 12th: Encourage your school government to put recycling bins in classrooms to collect used paper.

November 13th: Only buy books made of recycled paper, or better yet, listen to books on your mp3 player instead.

November 14th: Convince local stores to offer incentives to customers who bring their own cloth bags.

November 15th: When shopping for notebooks, look for narrow-ruled pages and paper with 50 to 100 percent post-consumer waste.

November 16th: Save on paper and cash by using online invites for your next event.

November 17th: Use single space and smaller font when printing drafts of homework to reduce your paper usage.

November 18th: Carry your coffee in a reusable mug to avoid wasting paper cups.

November 19th: Make a difference while you shop. Bring along reusable shopping bags and say no to both paper and plastic.

November 20th: No one likes a paper jam. Load paper with the correct side up to prevent waste and always remember to recycle.

November 21st: Use erasable boards instead of paper for posters and signs. Begin reducing your consumption today.

November 22nd: Donate your old magazines and books to nursing homes, hospitals, and charities.

November 23rd: Ditch the calendar and keep up with your schedule using a computer, palm pilot, or cell phone.

November 24th: Buy used textbooks from your friends or classmates. You can save money and help the environment.

November 25th: When you're hitting the library, head straight to what you're looking for using electronic references and web resources to avoid unnecessary copies.

November 26th: Use the size reduction feature offered on many copiers to save paper.

November 27th: Revise your essays on your computer screen to avoid wasting paper.

November 28th: Reuse paper. Jot down reminders and notes on scrap paper.

November 29th: Encourage your friends and family to pay the bills online. It will conserve paper and save time.

November 30th: Forget bulky catalogs and shop for gifts online to get exclusive deals and avoid wasting paper.

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