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 Sexual Health
 Step 1: Examine Yourself
 Step 2: Choose Wisely
 Step 3: Become Independent
 Step 4: Re-Energize Your Space
 Step 5: Transport Better
 Step 6: Get Political
 Step 7: Go Paperless
 Step 8: Shop Smarter
 Step 9: Go Healthy
 Step 10: Love, Protect and Preserve
 Step 11: Consider an Alternative
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 April: Face the Addiction
 May: Examine Yourself
 June: Choose Wisely
 July: Become Independent
 August: "Re-Energize" Your Space
 September: Transport Better
 October: Get Political
 November: Go Paperless
 December: Shop Smarter
 January: Go Healthy
 February: Love, Protect, and Preserve
 March: Consider an Alternative
 April: Celebrate Your Impact


June: Choose Wisely

June 1st: Choose organic foods. Organic farming does not use chemicals that damage the environment.

June 2nd: Choose products with the least packaging to reduce your garbage by 10%. Opt for the product without the unnecessary box.

June 3rd: Choose to reuse. At school, reuse file folders, paper clips, elastic bands, and binders. Make notes on scraps of paper.

June 4th: Print and make copies on both sides of the paper to save trees and ink.

June 5th: Grow plants instead of buying fake ones. They look better and improve the air.

June 6th: Take a shower instead of a bath. Baths can take up to 50 gallons of water.

June 7th: Support human rights by buying products with the fair trade label. These ensure fair payment for workers and never enforce child labor.

June 8th: Keep it clean with biodegradable cleaning products instead of ones containing toxins.

June 9th: Opt for low or phosphate-free soaps and dishwashing detergents, which are better for the environment.

June 10th: Choose plotted plants instead of cut flowers. They're just as lovely and last longer.

June 11th: Buy clothes made from organic cotton and support brands that don't use harmful chemicals.

June 12th: The metals in batteries harm the earth so recycle or recharge your batteries. Many stores accept batteries for recycling.

June 13th: Make your own environmentally friendly window-washing fluid with water and spoonfuls of vinegar instead of using products that can pollute rivers.

June 14th: Re-think your take-out habit. Take-out food waste, like containers and plastic bags, is usually non-recyclable and has increased significantly over the recent decades.

June 16th: Eat organic! Food with artificial ingredients and chemicals is usually unhealthy and requires additional energy to produce.

June 17th: Keep your garden eco-friendly with natural fertilizers instead of chemical ones.

June 18th: Choose a library books over buying new ones and share your own books with friends. You'll save money and trees.

June 19th: If you're cleaning out your closet, use lavender or cedar chips instead of mothballs that give off toxins dangerous to your health.

June 20th: To reduce the chlorine taste in your tap water, use a filter or add a few drops of lemon juice to your water pitcher. Avoid buying bottled water that produces excess waste.

June 21st: Drink tap water to save money and create less waste than bottled water.

June 22nd: Check your oven timer instead of opening the door. Your food will cook faster and you won't let out heat and energy.

June 23rd: Choose re-usable cleaning products like sponges instead of paper towels that cause excess waste.

June 24th: Share your environmental knowledge with those around you (friends, family, and neighbors). Encourage them to take simple actions to conserve.

June 25th: Use a bucket instead of a hose when washing cars and save water. Hoses use 10 gallons of drinking water per minute.

June 26th: Choose ozone friendly products without CFCs which can be found in aerosol cans like hairspray.

June 27th: Buy a waste-free gift like concert tickets instead of products that create pollution during production and transportation and waste in wrapping.

June 28th: Get romantic and install dimmer switches instead! They will extend the life of your bulbs and decrease the amount of energy.

June 29th: When you throw out chemicals or appliances, dispose of them properly, rather than putting them out with your other trash.

June 30th: If you're remodeling your home, choose renewable energy sources. Look into solar power or ceiling fans instead of air conditioning.

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