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Last month, as part of Break the Addiction's 12-Step Program you learned how to Shop Smarter. Now it's time for you to get moving with Step 9: Go Healthy.

Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle not only benefits Mother Nature, but it can also improve your health. What are you waiting for? Start living greener now! Here's how:

  • Use those legs! Make this year's New Year's resolution count. If you're able-bodied, exercise more by walking, skating, or biking to school and work instead of driving. And when you have the option, why not take the steps instead of the elevator? You have to burn off that burger somehow! By adding physical activity to your daily routine, you'll find yourself in better shape and in a better mood. As if that's not enough, these simple actions benefit the well being of our planet. Your 6.5 billion other roommates on planet Earth will thank you for your healthier habits!

  • Eat organic. Fill up on the good stuff. When possible, buy organic, pesticide-free foods. Organic farming avoids the use chemicals that damage the environment and yourself. Organic also means that the food you are consuming contains no artificial ingredients - that's a good sign, since incorporating artificial ingredients into foods is a process that requires additional energy expenditure. So add some fresh, organic fruits and veggies to your diet and do something that's good for you while you fight global warming.

  • Clean up without polluting. So you've decided that 2007 is going to be the year you finally pick your clothes up off the floor, clean under your bed, and organize the closet? Great! Then do so without emitting pollutants into the air you breathe and without sending noxious chemicals down the drain. Encourage your household to switch to non-toxic household cleaners. You can choose to use biodegradable cleaning products to avoid spreading toxins that can pollute the soil, air, water, and your health. They are easy to find in your grocery store, and since there isn't much sense in cleaning if you're only harming someone else's environment, clean up your habits for the sake of everyone's health.

So start '07 off right. Practice healthy habits that are better for you and the planet.
Wanna save the planet from the comfort of your own cell phone? Text BREAK to 41004 to begin receiving your daily Break the Addiction action alert. A way to take action for every day of the year, right in the palm of your hand. Mother Earth would approve. Standard rates apply.
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