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 Sexual Health
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 Step 2: Choose Wisely
 Step 3: Become Independent
 Step 4: Re-Energize Your Space
 Step 5: Transport Better
 Step 6: Get Political
 Step 7: Go Paperless
 Step 8: Shop Smarter
 Step 9: Go Healthy
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 Step 11: Consider an Alternative
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 April: Face the Addiction
 May: Examine Yourself
 June: Choose Wisely
 July: Become Independent
 August: "Re-Energize" Your Space
 September: Transport Better
 October: Get Political
 November: Go Paperless
 December: Shop Smarter
 January: Go Healthy
 February: Love, Protect, and Preserve
 March: Consider an Alternative
 April: Celebrate Your Impact


December: Shop Smarter

December 1st: Cut down on packaging. Avoid buying products that are individually wrapped in portions.

December 2nd: Buy products whose packaging is made from recycled materials.

December 3rd: When buying holiday gifts, choose items with less packaging, like gift certificates.

December 4th: Walk past the water aisle. Drink from the tap and avoid the unnecessary cost and waste of bottled water.

December 5th: At your holiday party, avoid disposable paper dishes and cups that will end up polluting our land. Instead, buy and reuse dishware.

December 6th: Say no to buying things you don't need. Make a shopping list to avoid impulse purchases that may account for up to 70% of what you buy.

December 7th: Buy in bulk to avoid multiple gas guzzling trips to the store.

December 8th: Stock your food in an energy-efficient fridge that helps conserve power and reduces your electricity bill.

December 9th: Buy rechargeable batteries for your digital camera. You'll save money and always have batteries when you need them.

December 10th: Get your dishes clean with an energy efficient dishwasher. Energy efficient washers use half the water standard ones use.

December 11th: Give reusable goods, such as books and CDs, as holiday gifts. You'll save some money and the earth.

December 12th: Buy a washable mug or thermos to carry your morning beverage of choice. Skip paper, plastic and definitely no styrofoam.

December 13th: Look for energy-efficiency ratings on your appliances. Only buy ones that are eco-friendly.

December 14th: Buy coffee, milk, and sugar in bulk to save up to 40% of the cost of the product due to decreased packaging.

December 15th: Buy biodiesel gas. It costs the same as regular and emits less toxic gases into the environment.

December 16th: Buy compact fluorescent bulbs. They last 10 times longer than normal bulbs.

December 17th: If must buy products in aerosol cans - like hairspray and deodorant - make sure to recycle them after completely emptying their contents.

December 18th: Sort through your old school materials from fall semester. Many of last year's supplies can be reused or recycled.

December 19th: Bring your own cloth bags the next time you go shopping, instead of producing more waste.

December 20th: Save and reuse grocery bags. Use them to carry your lunch or to take out the garbage.

December 21st: Choose a tankless heater which can save as much as 50% of the cost of heating water.

December 22nd: When you're making your next purchase, say "no thanks" to having your name added to mailing lists.

December 23rd: Think into the future. Investing in solar panels to heat your home is cost effective and energy efficient.

December 24th: Choose a refrigerator without a digital display. Digital displays are always on and use a lot of energy.

December 25th: Cook your holiday dinner with a gas cooker today. Gas cookers use half the energy electric cookers use.

December 26th: Take public transportation to the mall today when returning that gift from grandma. Sharing rides reduces pollution.

December 27th: No need to blast the heat all day. Adjusting the room temperature to your needs can save your household up to 20% on heating costs.

December 28th: Stay healthy by keeping the bedroom temperature at the ideal 64F. You can save up to 11% of energy consumption by turning down your thermometer by five degrees.

December 29th: Reuse your gift wrap and holiday cards. Save the earth while cleaning up after the holidays.

December 30th: Shop at old vintage shops and thrift stores. Be trendy, while saving money and the earth.

December 31st: Before heading out tonight, take a short shower instead of a bath to reduce your water bill and get to the party sooner.

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