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Ever wonder how green your college or university is? Well, now it's your school that's getting the grade — in Sustainability 101.

The Sustainable Endowments Institute has just released a College Sustainability Report Card, which grades colleges on how green their practices and policies are. Among other things, the study looks at the use of green building design, the campus' food and recycling efforts, and each school's investments in renewable energy and community development. The institute graded the 100 schools with the largest endowments, including many Ivy League and Big Ten schools. The universities get letter grades in 7 categories, and even receive a GPA! The hope is that each school will take a closer look at its impact on the environment, and will learn from the "A students" how environmental sustainability is accomplished.

So, if your college is leaning on you about your grades, check out its own score. And if you still haven't decided which school to go to in the fall, this report card could help you make your decision — especially if you're studying to work in a green profession. If your school isn't included in the report but you want it to start implementing environmentally sound practices, join the Campus Climate Challenge and help stop global warming. See if you can't help your school get an A.
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