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 Sexual Health
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 April: Face the Addiction
 May: Examine Yourself
 June: Choose Wisely
 July: Become Independent
 August: "Re-Energize" Your Space
 September: Transport Better
 October: Get Political
 November: Go Paperless
 December: Shop Smarter
 January: Go Healthy
 February: Love, Protect, and Preserve
 March: Consider an Alternative
 April: Celebrate Your Impact


August: "Re-Energize" Your Space

August 1st: Turn off your computer when it's not in use and you could save $120 a year. Sleep mode and screen savers don't save energy!

August 2nd: Place reflective panels between your radiators and the wall to bounce the heat back into the room saving both money and energy.

August 3rd: A bottle of sand in your toilet tank will waste less water with every flush.

August 4th: Make sure your fridge and air-conditioner are placed away from hot areas, such as a window, oven, or lamp to waste less energy and money.

August 5th: Save money by turning off the lights when you leave the room.

August 6th: Lower your electric bill by buying Energy Star products.

August 7th: When you're helping out at home, run only full loads of laundry and dishes to save on water and electricity.

August 8th: Lose your paper trail with a quick call to remove your name from junk mail lists.

August 9th: Turn off the water when you brush your teeth, shave, or wash dishes.

August 10th: Investigate options for supplying your home with green energy. The majority of electricity in America comes from nonrenewable resources.

August 11th: Consider using a fan to cool you off during the summer heat. Fans use only one tenth of the energy air conditioners use.

August 12th: Replace 3 light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. If every household in the United States did it, we would save a trillion pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

August 13th: When you're tossing old batteries, take them to a local recycling depot to avoid polluting the land with toxic chemicals like lead and mercury.

August 14th: When you make dinner, only boil as much water as you need.

August 15th: Skip the pre-wash cycle on washing machines. Save energy and money.

August 16th: We spend the majority of our lives inside, so remember to ventilate the air in your home. It's good for your health.

August 17th: Your food will still cook if you switch the gas or electricity off a few minutes before cooking is complete, and you will save on your energy bill.

August 18th: Pick up an aerator for your faucet for as little as $6. It actually uses less water but feels stronger by adding air.

August 19th: Fix those leaks! A dripping faucet can lose 20 gallons a day and a leaking toilet can lose 100 gallons.

August 20th: Save money and energy by running your fridge more efficiently. Clean the coils at the back twice a year and give your compressor a break.

August 21st: Follow that dump truck! Educate yourself about where your area's waste goes by asking your local authority. If there is not a comprehensive recycling program in place, ask why.

August 22nd: It's as easy as a flick of a switch! Surge protectors can help you avoid wasting energy with one button.

August 23rd: Instead of blasting cool air all day, adjust the air conditioner to suit your needs and save your household up to 20% on cooling costs.

August 24th: Think of everything you want before you open the fridge door. Cold air and money are wasted every time you open the fridge.

August 25th: Clean out your fridge! The neater its contents, the less time the door will need to be kept open.

August 26th: Cozy up in front of a fire and turn down your heat to save money and energy.

August 27th: Make sure your clothes are dirty before washing them. If the machine is full, one cycle can use as much as 50 gallons of water.

August 28th: Don't just walk by litter. Trash left in the street will likely end up in storm drains and eventually will empty into the sea.

August 29th: Ventilate your dorm regularly to circulate air and remove pollutants.

August 30th: Choose reusable calendars or notepads like dry erase boards. You won't waste materials or the energy they gobbled during manufacturing.

August 31st: Dust your light bulbs occasionally to make your room brighter and more energy efficient.

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