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Get Your "Think Over" Idea On MTV!

James Madison University High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is on its way to better preparing its students for college and life thanks to Jazmine Washington and Brittany Cox, who won $10,000 to improve their school in the Think Over Your School National Challenge.

Sponsored by think MTV, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and What Kids Can Do, the contest challenged you to take action on your education and propose how you would "think over," or transform, part of your school to expand academic opportunities and better prepare fellow students for college and work.

Inspired by students at Bushwick High School Campus and the Academy for Urban Planning in Brooklyn, New York who were featured in think MTV's Think Over Your School, Jazmine and Brittany entered the Challenge in hopes of repairing and updating their school's library media center. "If the library was more user friendly, many more people, students as well as teachers, would use the library for class work and also to read for personal enjoyment," they said in their essay. think MTV agreed.

think MTV received entries from students in almost 1000 high schools at think.mtv.com, where entrants took a 20 question quiz to assess their own education, and submitted a 250 word essay describing how they would makeover a small part of their high school to improve their learning community.

Thanks to Anita Abotsi, a $5,000 grant was awarded to Hope High School in Providence, RI to help restore the school's auditorium, which is currently closed. Anita said in her essay, "So many people have been downing this school, and saying that we get low scores, and that we can not make it...If I can get people to help me out and make a difference in the auditorium, then I know that we can put our minds to do anything we want to do."

And Harrision High School in Colorado Springs, CO has Joshua Jordan to thank for its $5000 award to help bring in guest speakers and have field trips to expand students' knowledge of opportunities in the real world. As Joshua wrote in his essay, the speakers and trips are sure to get students "thinking about their own goals and the different career opportunities that are available to help them achieve those goals".

Congratulations to the think MTV Think Over National Challenge winners!
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