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Even though we unfortunately can not help fund all the great ideas we receive, we'd like to feature some of the most creative and inspiring ones here, in the hope that they will motivate you and your friends to take action and make your school a better place to be.

And don't forget! If you have a great idea like the ones below, tell us in 300 words or less and we may feature you and your ideas on MTV! Learn more.

Simone, 18
Louis D. Brandeis High School
New York, New York

Last year my school started a music program with great teachers. Since then a lot of kids have joined the program and have been interested in the program. If I had [money] to spend on making over something in my school, I would make over the music room. I would turn this glass room in the back of the music class into a sound-proof music booth, where students could record. I would make the whole room a more comfortable environment with comfortable chairs, computers, TVs, microphones, technology boards, and pictures, and colorful paint. Music is universal. It would bring students together. Music helps soothe and calm, so have this classroom done over to help the students in music will also help them in all there others classes, to unwind and focus.

Lisa, 14
Chief Sealth High School
Seattle, Washington

The money would go towards developing and enhancing our meager Career Center. The Career Center would provide critical information for students to get on the right track as early on in their high school career to be prepared and confident about their future as college students. The Career Center counselors in place now are only at Chief Sealth High school for three days. Each year, the Career Center is threatened for closure because of budget shortages. With this money, we would be able to permanently establish a place that students can go to for college prep, standardized testing prep, a place to discover their calling in life, and a place to provide motivation for the bright future ahead of them. With this new environment through the Career Center, students will began to believe more in their future, and in themselves.

Mellisa, 14
Palm Springs Middle School
Hialeah, Florida

Being an aspiring creative writer I think I'd use the money to change the library. In my opinion it is where most learning interaction takes place within the student. I believe the students should have a place to motivate them to achieve their goals and be more in life.

Thomas, 17
Alta Vista High
Vista, California

First off my school is all about giving second chances, the chance to get back up from where you fell or the chance to graduate. I think the [money] would definitely be needed for the lunch area, the lunch area is where just about everyone hangs out and I think that our lunch area could use some color, and new tables. If there was more to do in this area then it would just make our school nicer and maybe even motivate some of the students to come to school more often.
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