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Fuel from Vegetable Oil ?

From French fries to fuel - your car can be fueled using vegetable oil, one type of biodiesel. You can even drive for free by going to restaurants and asking for their used veggie oil, chances are they'll be happy to give it to you.

If we switch to using vegetable oil as fuel, we can produce more of our fuel here in the U.S., allowing us to create jobs and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Additionally, veggie fuel emits less carbon dioxide than fossil fuel.

 Find out more at Grease Not Gas

What is Ethanol ?

Ethanol (or alcohol as a fuel) is a renewable source of energy, obtained from sugar, starch, grain, sugarcane and lactose. There are economic, environmental, and energy-related advantages to this form of fuel.

You may not know it, but most cars are already equipped to run on E10, fuel that is 10% ethanol and available at many gas stations.

 Find out more about ethanol

Count Your Carbon

Visit Clean Air - Cool Planet to figure out how much energy you use at home, work, or in your car. You can even find out how much pollution is being produced as a result of your energy use!

Top Ways to Lower Your Energy Consumption and Save Money

Is the U.S. Energy-Dependent ?

Energy independence is a concept where the U.S. is significantly less dependent on imported oil, specifically from countries outside of North America. Instead, the U.S. uses oil drilled from its territory (& nearby territories) and finds other ways to produce energy, such as the development of clean, renewable energy sources, practices and industries.

 Learn more about national energy dependence

 What is our country's energy policy? Get the latest on the Energy Bill

 How can we balance our energy needs with protecting the environment? Click here for options

Global Warming

When we burn oil or coal - usually in our vehicles and power plants - we produce carbon dioxide (CO2), the most prevalent greenhouse gas. As greenhouse gases build up faster than they can break down, more and more heat is trapped in the atmosphere and the average temperature of the earth's surface rises.

You may not know it, but most cars are already equipped to run on E10, fuel that is 10% ethanol and available at many gas stations.

 Global Warming 101

 Global Warming and Natural Disasters - is there a connection?

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