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Answer the 20 questions below to see what kind of student you are.

1) Choose the word that best describes you as a student:
a. Respectful
b. Influential
c. Social
d. Goal-oriented
e. Works well with others

2) What is the highest level of education you expect to reach? Fast Fact
a. Won't finish high school/GED
b. High school diploma
c. 2-year college degree
d. 4-year college degree
e. Graduate or professional degree

3) What annual income do you think you will earn 10 years from now? Fast Fact
a. Up to $25,000
b. Up to $50,000
c. Up to $75,000
d. Up to $100,000
e. Don't know

4) Why do you think some people do not get good grades?
a. It's just their destiny
b. They're not strong enough
c. They don't play by the rules
d. They don't seize opportunities
e. The system isn't fair

5) What do you like most about doing well in a class?
a. Pleasing my family and/or friends
b. Getting respect
c. Having the satisfaction of doing a good job
d. Achieving my goals
e. Experiencing a feeling of peace and/or happiness

6) What types of grades do you normally earn?
a. As
b. Bs
c. Cs
d. Ds
e. Not passing

7) Given it is an interesting subject, what makes a good class?
a. A family-like environment
b. Immediate rewards when I do something right
c. Good teachers
d. Trying new things
e. Gaining an appreciation for peoples' differences

8) When did/will you complete Algebra 1? Fast Fact
a. Before 8th grade
b. In 8th grade
c. In 9th grade
d. In 10th grade
e. After 10th grade or don't know

9) Do you take or will you take classes that are: Fast Fact
a. Advanced placement or international baccalaureate courses
b. Honors courses
c. Grade-level courses
d. Remedial courses
e. Doesn't apply, my school doesn't group students by levels

10) What is the highest level math course you will complete by the end of your junior year? Fast Fact
a. Algebra 1
b. Geometry
c. Algebra 2
d. Trigonometry
e. Calculus

11) How many years of English class will you pass in high school? Fast Fact
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four
e. Four, plus electives

12) What would most motivate you to go to college?
a. The support of my family and friends
b. Getting paid to go
c. It's what I've always been expected to do
d. Earning more money
e. The opportunity to make the world a better place

13) Have you ever talked with a school counselor or an adult about planning out your education? Fast Fact
a. Never
b. Once
c. 2-3 times
d. 4-5 times
e. More than 5 times

14) Have you taken/do you plan to take the SAT and/or ACT? Fast Fact
a. I have taken the test multiple times
b. I have taken the test once or plan to take the test
c. I am undecided whether to take the test or not
d. I will not take the test
e. I have not heard anything about the SAT or ACT

15) Do you think you'll graduate high school in four years?
a. Yes. I know exactly how many credits and what courses I need.
b. Yes. I know more or less what I need to sign up for to stay on track.
c. I think so. My counselors and my parents tell me what classes to take.
d. I guess so. I just take the same classes my friends take.
e. I am not sure. But, I don't think so.

16) What's most important to you when making a decision about the classes you take?
a. The advice of people I know and trust
b. Immediate rewards
c. Doing the right thing
d. Helping me advance my goals
e. Learning about interesting subjects

17) How would you rate the level of excitement about learning at your school among the students?
a. Everyone is excited about what they're learning
b. Most students are pretty excited by what they're learning
c. Some are excited, some are not
d. Most students are bored
e. No one cares

18) Choose the statement that best matches how you feel about working with a group at school:
a. I prefer groups over doing things by myself
b. I'd rather do it myself, but it's good when others have my back
c. I like being a member of a team that does good work
d. I only like working in teams when the other group members help me improve
e. I like connecting with others

19) How would you rate the level of excitement among your teachers? Fast Fact
a. Very excited
b. Somewhat excited
c. Normal level of excitement
d. They sometimes look like they'd rather be somewhere else
e. They are never excited

20) What is the biggest obstacle to learning in your school?
a. There aren't good courses to from which to choose
b. My school doesn't set high expectations for me
c. My family and community aren't very supportive
d. I don't have very good teachers
e. My friends and classmates don't really care about school


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