MTV Quiz Fast Facts
FF for #2: Nearly one of three high school students fails to graduate; only about half of African-American and Latino students make it to graduation day

FF for #3: The more you learn, the more you earn. On average, adults with bachelor's degrees earn 76 percent more than high school graduates and $1 million more than high school dropouts over their working lifetime.

FF for #8: Just 10 percent of young people who finish Algebra as their only math course in high school will earn a bachelor's degree. Take math, it counts!

FF for #9: Only about one out of three high school students graduate ready to succeed in college. Challenge yourself now so you don't have to spend extra time or money taking remedial courses in college.

FF for #10: Studies show that taking math, at least through Algebra II, will increase the likelihood that you'll earn a bachelor's degree. Multiply your chances of success - take math in high school!

FF for #11: Want to go to college? Take the right courses. Fewer than half of high school students take the recommended college-prep curriculum of four English courses, three each of science, math, and social studies, and two years of the same foreign language.

FF for #13: In a recent survey, 67% of students believed that getting advice from guidance counselors or teachers early in high school would help them to improve in school. Make an appointment to meet with a teacher or guidance counselor today!

FF on #14: About 80 percent of four-year colleges and 20 percent of two-year colleges require the SAT or ACT. Increase your options and take the test. Financial aid is available.

FF on #19: Challenge your teachers to challenge you. Only one in three students says that high school expectations are "high" and that they are "significantly" challenged.