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The film Freedom Writers tells the story of Erin Gruwell, a young, idealistic teacher and her remarkable students from Long Beach, California. These students—black, white, Latino, Asian—had been ignored by the system because they were "underachievers" with low test scores and "bad attitudes". But Erin not only believed in them, she listened to their stories. By teaching through the Holocaust journal, The Diary of Anne Frank, she introduced a powerful idea to her tough, jaded students-telling your story will set you free.

There might have been times in your life when people have let you down or when you felt abandoned by the system. Don't give up hope, you can do something about it. Erin Gruwell always tried to get the best for her students, so make sure you're getting the best for yourself. Check out these resources to find out how.

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 Check out My Life (Translated): College Dreams to hear one girl's story

 Learn more about the Holocaust and the remarkable story of Anne Frank

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