Choose or Lose | Closing Arguments: A Super Dialogue

  1. Young voters talk about the issues that matter to them, including the gay marriage, Darfur and the war.

  2. Mike Huckabee fields questions about how his faith would affect his decisions as president.

  3. The former governor says his FairTax would encourage people to work, because taxes wouldn't be deducted from paychecks.

  4. Many young voters are supporting Democrats, but Ron Paul says he can offer them change and "freedom."

  5. The congressman, who's currently down in the polls, talks about diplomacy, oil and using the constitution as a rule book.

  6. Senator Barack Obama says he would propose $4,000 tuition credits for students who join the military or volunteer in their community.

  7. While he isn't in favor of gay marriage, Obama does support civil unions that would give same-sex couples the same benefits.

  8. Gideon Yago talks to formerly undecided voters who've been swayed during the dialogue.

  9. Many Republicans want to run against the New York senator, and she says she's eager to take them on.

  10. The senator defends her vote, but says the war should have been executed better.

  1. The senior senator from Arizona answers students' questions at Southern New Hampshire University. (12.03.07)

  2. The Illinois senator answers students' questions at Coe College in Iowa. (10.29.07)

  3. The presidential hopeful handled some tough questions from the crowd -- about Iraq, health care, the environment and much more -- and from you. (9.27.07)