MTV Style


Fresh faced fancies

Texas-native Cheyenne Kimball always knew that she had the chops to rise to the top. Now, with a successful debut album and a hit MTV reality show, "Cheyenne," she's making her dreams come true. We sat down with the teen sensation to find out what exactly she's "Hanging On" to.

Cheyenne: Brian Appio; TRUNK LTD Blondie vs. The Doors "Rapture Riders" Short Sleeve Crew: Courtesy of TRUNK LTD (; "Almost Famous" DVD: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures; Eiffel Tower: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images; Lorac Cheek Duo: Courtesy of Lorac Cosmetics; Juicy Couture Denim: Andreea Radulescu; Damien Rice "O" CD: Courtesy of Vector Recordings; Lorac Lotsa Lip Plumping Lip Gloss: Courtesy of Lorac Cosmetics; "How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days" DVD: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

  • CLOTHING: I always wear TRUNK tees. They are soft and comfortable.

  • DVDS: "Almost Famous" really moved me.

  • TRAVEL: I want to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.

  • BEAUTY: For some extra color, I use Lorac's Cheek Duo.

  • CLOTHING: Gotta have my Juicy Couture Jeans!

  • CDS: I absolutely love Damien Rice's "O."

  • BEAUTY: I always carry Lorac's Lotsa Lip.

  • CELEBS: I love any movie with Kate Hudson!