Best Of 2010

Snooki Brings In The New Year!

Watch us kick-off the new decade with the Snooki ball drop live from the Jersey Shore!

MTV's New Year's Bash 2011

Don't worry if you missed any part of our awesome year-end celebration because you can catch the whole thing right here!

Vin-Scent Torso Lotion

You saw the teaser now watch all of Vinny's hilarious Old-Spice parody from our New Year's Bash.

Photos: NYE 2011

Whitney Cummings and the cast of 'Jersey Shore' ring in the New Year on MTV. Check out the photos now! Editors' Picks for 2010

From Gaga's meat dress at the VMAs to the JWOWW and Sammi throwdown, we have the absolute best MTV moments from 2010 just for you!

The Most Shocking 'Jersey Shore' Moments

Relive all of the most shocking moments from Miami.

10 Most Watched Videos

From Katy to Ke$ha, check out the 10 music videos that ruled 2010.

New Year's Bash 2011

  1. Ring in the New Year with the cast of 'Jersey Shore.' Watch the whole show now!

  2. Snooki counts down to midnight in a giant ball down at the Jersey Shore.

  3. The singer performs his hit "Club Can't Handle Me" live during the New Year's Bash.

  4. The wannabe 'Jersey Shore' cast member recounts the biggest moments of 2010.

Best Of Shows

  1. Relive all the most shocking moments from Miami.

  2. Look back on the most memorable moments from 'Teen Mom' in 2010.

  3. Check out all the craziest moments from 'Real World: New Orleans.'

  4. Check out the most cringe-worthy moments from some of your favorite shows of 2010.

Best Of Music

  1. From Katy to Ke$ha, check out the 10 music videos that ruled 2010.

  2. Pump your fists to the biggest club banging videos of the year.

  3. Who's poised to have a breakthrough 2011? Here are the artists you should start following now.

  4. See 2010's most dynamic duos featuring B.o.B and Hayley, Katy and Snoop, and many more.

Best Of News

  1. Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and more made their mark in '10.

  2. Tween pop star Justin Bieber had everyone -- and their mothers -- talking this year.

  3. From Lil Wayne to Lindsay Lohan, brushes with the law were ever-present in 2010.

  4. From Kanye West to Lady Gaga, it was an unforgettable year of quotes.

Best Of Movies

  1. We chatted up RPattz, K-Stew and everyone else in 2010.

  2. From Blake Lively to Scarlett Johansson, here's who made us weak in the knees in 2010.

  3. Ryan Reynolds, Tom Felton, Joshua Jackson and other boy toys make our year-end list.

  4. The 'Harry Potter' cast learns to speak American, Will Ferrell picks up a knife and more.

Year-End Extras

  1. MTV Geek! has compiled a compendium of ridiculously splendid present ideas, the likes of which are unequaled by all others!

  2. Looking for the coolest gifts for your loved ones this year? You've come to the right place!

  3. Get your dude on in a huge way this holiday season with the Clutch holiday gift guide.

  4. Check out the "Jackass" Gift Guide to stupidly awesome stuff.

  5. Check out all of your favorite MTV content from 2009.

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