Best Of 2009

The Top 9 Artists of '09

Ring in the New Year with the 'King Of Pop' as Michael Jackson tops our countdown of the Top 9 music artists of the year!

Best Of Music

2009's greatest hits, trends, moments and more. Watch the year's best in music videos.

Best Of Shows

From the hottest hook-ups to the craziest fights, check out the small screen's most talked about moments of 2009.

Best Of News

Check out the top stories, interviews and events that made 2009 such a memorable year.

Best Of Movies

See the celebs that lit up the box office in 2009 and trailers from the year's coolest movies.

Best of Horror Quiz

What world-famous director was so frightened by 'Paranormal Activity' that he returned the film locked securely in a garbage bag?

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Best Of Music

  1. Superstars rose to the top of their game, new artists amazed and we said goodbye to a legend.

  2. Pa-pa-pa Pop music was catchier than ever in 2009, even more so than H1N1.

  3. Get caught up in the frenzy of fashion pop that led the pack in 2009.

  4. What's better than one great artist? Two!

Best Of Shows

  1. There was no shortage of hilarious commentary this year- check out some of the funniest quips from 2009.

  2. From cat fights to all-out brawls, we found the year's most dramatic confrontations.

  3. Many MTV stars tried to bust a move this year- whether pro or disastrous, they all entertained.

  4. There were few moments that defined 2009 quite like these clips that kept us talking all year long.

Best Of News

  1. Who had the biggest 09? Keep checking back until Friday, when we unveil the Man and Woman of the year.

  2. Check out the pop-culture headlines that defined 2009.

  3. From Chris Brown to Adam Lambert, it was an unforgettable year.

  4. Meet some of the young stars who rocked headlines this year.

Best Of Movies

  1. Robert Pattinson's Oscar debut makes for one of the year's most memorable moments.

  2. From Megan Fox to Charlize Theron, here are the ladies who steamed up our screens.

  3. From scaring John Cusack to riding around town with The Rock, here are our most memorable wacky chats.

  4. From the superheroes of "Watchmen" to the creatures of "Wolfman," here are our favorite trailers of the year.

More Best Of '09

  1. Watch the year's best live performances by Lady Gaga, MGMT, Avril Lavigne and more in ridiculously high quality, right here.

  2. See the hottest moments from your fave VH1 shows, check out the year's best music and catch up on the gossip that kept us gabbing in 2009.

  3. Lady Gaga, gay marriage battles, drag queen reality shows – it's been one helluva LGBT year! Reflect with rants, raves and RuPaul!

  4. From the latest club-bangers to lo último in Latin pop, these are the tracks that kept 2009 rockin'.

Year-End Extras

  1. Look back at our tributes, interviews and coverage of the late 'King Of Pop.'

  2. Multiplayer Blog's contributors pick their favorite games of 2009.

  3. Test your knowledge of this year's most horrifying films.

  4. Take a peek at the must have products for this holiday season!