MTV Music | Best Of 2008

  1. We got a whole lot of videos around here, but these were watched most often on in 2008. Can you guess who's on top of the most-viewed list? Watch 'em all!

  2. Rihanna has made a reasonable request, 'Don't Stop The Music,' and in this video playlist, we oblige. Listen to the best pop songs of 2008, over and over and over again.

  1. Hip-hop reached new heights in 2008 and we've got all the peaks right here.

  2. Tokio Hotel unleashed a 'Monsoon' of rock this year, and that was only the beginning. Thrash in the new year with Paramore, Panic At The Disco and Weezer.

  1. You haven't really heard The Academy Is... until you've heard them drown out Heidi's whining or Spencer's sarcasm. Count down the best soundtrack moments on this season of 'The Hills.'

  2. TRL made its home in Times Square, but in '08 fans could be heard screaming coast-to-coast. Miley Cyrus, Tokio Hotel, the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and others show you why in this video collection.

  1. This year we handed MTV over to a scene-defining band every week. Icons and newcomers alike recorded exclusive commercials and intimate performances, making MTV theirs. And yours. See the best of them here!

  2. Vampire Weekend and Tyga and Ting Tings, oh my! Check out this video block for a recap of the dizzying list of up-and-comers that we broke in 2008.

  1. And T-Pain is EVERYWHERE! While watching this playlist, you might lose count of his supporting roles as the talented, top-hatted Tallahassee rapper pops up in video after video after video!

  2. Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry and Pink, along with so many other wonder women, took 2008 by the tie and told it what was what. All of the best female superstars are here!

  1. Chris Brown, Beyonce, Ray-J and Rihanna are gonna make you feel GOOD.

  2. Every summer, the Vans Warped Tour turns out a new roster of pop-punk and emo superheroes. Review this year's list of favorites and check out their music videos.

  1. Japanese metal geniuses Dir En Grey lead off Headbangers Ball fans' 25 favorite videos of 2008. Watch the whole bone-crushing countdown now.