MTV | Best Of 2008

  1. From TRL to T-Pain, from pop/punk to Lil Wayne, it's the best music of '08! Get down with top videos of the year, the cream of FNMTV, the best of Discover & Download, TRL, the VMAs and so much more.

  2. The tears, the drama, the fights, the skin ... all of the amazing moments that you loved in MTV series in '08 are here. Sit back and indulge the choicest bits of all of your guiltiest pleasures of the year!

  1. From Edward Cullen and Bruce Wayne to Carrie Bradshaw, take a trip down memory lane to look at some of Hollywood's biggest moments of 2008, our coolest set visits, hot red carpet shots, superheroes and more.

  2. Usually we bring it to you first; but this time we wanted to bring it to you again. Whether it's top stories, breakout stars, teen queens or a historic presidential election, we covered the biggest '08 had to offer.

  1. TRL made its home in Times Square, but in '08 fans could be heard screaming coast-to-coast. Miley Cyrus, Tokio Hotel, the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and others show you why in this video collection.

  2. The campaign may have been long (and we mean LONG!), but MTV News was there every step of the way, from primaries and caucuses to the general election. Here are our favorite moments from Election 2008.

  1. Watch the touching and not-so-touching times the many families featured on MTV had this year.

  2. Relive the biggest laughs we had with the cast that brought the vampire romance to film.