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  1. Wilmer Valderrama is truly living the American Dream. He is best known for his role as 'Fez,' on the hit series "That 70's Show," but since the show's completion Wilmer has been making a splash on the big screen, and is the creator, producer and...   Read More

  2. A flair for turntables devoured J. Boogie at an early age. The current DJ and host of Nickelodeon's TEENick has always had a passion for music. Beginning his career at the age of 19, he got his first job in radio at KGGI-99.1 FM in Riverside,...   Read More

  3. Destiny Lightsy is the true embodiment of a Hollywood triple threat--she's an accomplished actress, singer and dancer. This summer, she'll add yet another credit to her impressive resume as she joins the MTV hit show "Yo Momma!" as Wilmer...   Read More