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  1. Lindsey and Eran once had a sizzling yet tumultuous relationship. But it ended when Lindsey decided the drama outweighed the good times. Even though Eran thinks Lindsey's a total drama queen, he admits that she was the love of his life. Now, even......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Things heat up between exes Lindsey and Eran and between their current significant others while they spy at Casa Bella.


About Episode

  1. Lindsey and Eran once had a sizzling yet tumultuous relationship. But it ended when Lindsey decided the drama outweighed the good times. Even though Eran thinks Lindsey's a total drama queen, he admits that she was the love of his life. Now, even though Lindsey is dating Vlad and Eran is with Nathalia, they both wonder what could have been. That's why it's time for them to face The X Effect head-on.

    The exes arrive at Casa Bella expecting to enjoy a romantic getaway with their new sweethearts. But Lindsey and Eran are in for a surprise when their partners are asked to leave and they realize that they'll be sharing a room all weekend. But things aren't quite what they seem...

    Nathalia and Vlad secretly return to the resort to spy on their significant others. And, after setting up camp in a bungalow, they are told to turn on the TV to see what their partners are up to. As soon as they tune in, Lindsey calls Eran her "honey bunny" and the tension rises.

    Nathalia and Vlad become even more frustrated with the situation when Lindsey and Eran head to the hot tub, where Eran admits he's excited about getting reacquainted with his ex. Although they can't hear what's being said, Nathalia and Vlad are fuming as they watch Lindsey and Eran sip champagne, feed each other strawberries and share a passionate kiss. Having had enough, Vlad says he's "done" and storms out of the room. Luckily, he just missed Lindsey and Eran toasting their "first cheating."

    The next day during breakfast, Nathalia and Vlad are told that they'll get to pick a daytime activity for their seemingly smitten partners. They can either send Lindsey and Eran to a bartending class or to play badminton. But there's a catch -- they'll get to spy if the chose bartending, but see nothing if they chose badminton. After a brief argument, they choose bartending class because Vlad needs to see more of what's going down.

    During bartending class, mixing cocktails quickly turns into doing body shots when Lindsey "accidentally" spills some liquor on her stomach and Eran licks it off. Soon, they're doing shots out of each other's belly buttons and making out. Watching it all go down, Vlad is clearly pissed, while Nathalia is on the verge of tears.

    While Lindsey and Eran are lounging around enjoying the drinks they just made, they're told they're being upgraded to a suite. When they go to check it out, they realize there's only one bed ... and Lindsey is clearly happy about the sleeping arrangements. But there are no smiles back in the bungalow when Nathalia and Vlad learn that they'll be able to see exactly where their partners are in the room. And things go from bad to worse when Lindsey and Eran don't waste any time jumping into the shower together, soaping each other up and making out.

    During a romantic dinner, Lindsey and Eran both admit they're having feelings for each other again. Just then, Nathalia and Vlad send the exes a sake jug that's bugged so they can eavesdrop. As soon as the sake arrives, Eran asks Lindsey if she would be willing to leave Vlad for him, and she says, "so far, so good." Encouraged by her response, Eran admits that he feels like Nathalia "doesn't even exist" when he's with Lindsey. As Nathalia and Vlad listen in disbelief, Lindsey and Eran get into bed and start kissing. Vlad hands Nathalia a tissue to wipe away her tears and decides to console her by moving in for a kiss. After briefly locking lips, she tells him to stop and storms off.

    Now that their getaway is over, Lindsey and Eran realize it's time for some tough decisions. Lindsey is confronted by Nathalia, who's ready to explode. After admitting she's been spying, Nathalia calls Lindsey "a redneck whore" and tells her it's time to choose who she wants to be with. Then Vlad and Eran face-off and Vlad is so mad that he doesn't want to hear any of Eran's excuses. After explaining what must be done, Vlad shoves Eran as he walks away.

    When Nathalia confronts Eran, she immediately gives him a piece of her mind and he admits he's not over Lindsey. When he reveals he wants to be with Lindsey, Nathalia slaps him across the face and leaves. Then Lindsey meets Vlad, who looks totally pissed. After he calls her a "slut," Lindsey admits she has a weak spot for Eran.

    Lindsey then finds Eran, who admits he chose her over Nathalia. But Lindsey breaks his heart when she reveals that she wants to stay with Vlad. Just then, Vlad walks up to Lindsey and puts his arm around her as Eran hangs his head in disappointment and walks away. At least one couple survived The X Effect!