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  1. Heather and Morgan were high school sweet hearts, and while Morgan says heather was his first love, she says he was her first everything else. When they broke up one week before his senior prom, Heather describes herself as devastated. Now Heather......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Morgan and Heather were high school sweethearts who broke up one week before prom, when they are reunited for the weekend, will they be able to maintain their friendship, or will they fall into the X Effect.


About Episode

  1. Heather and Morgan were high school sweet hearts, and while Morgan says heather was his first love, she says he was her first everything else. When they broke up one week before his senior prom, Heather describes herself as devastated. Now Heather is in a wonderful new relationship with Jason, while Morgan is in dating Sarah. While both couples are more than happy with their new relationships, they often wonder what could have happened if they stuck it out. For the first time since Morgan and Heather split, both couples have agreed to spend the weekend together at a luxury resort, only to find out that Sarah and Jason will be sent home. Both couples say their final goodbyes for the weekend and Sarah and Jason are taken away in a limo.

    Heather and Morgan agree that they are shocked by their recent turn of events when they are shown their room, but not as shocked as Jason and Sarah are when they learn that they are headed back to the hotel. When Jason and Sarah do arrive for the second time, they are taken directly to a small room where they are told they will spend the rest of the weekend with each other, and not allowed to speak to Heather and Morgan. They are also told that they will be allowed to several opportunities to spy on each other throughout the course of the weekend.

    Later on Heather and Morgan are given their first opportunity to spy when they receive a note informing them Jason and Sarah are on a romantic date together. They are then told that they are going to be able to spy, by either watching them with no volume, or listening with no picture. As they choose to listen in they catch their partner's right in the middle of a game of Truth or Dare. When Morgan dares Heather to show him his favorite part of her body, a red light goes off with Jason as he listens to his girlfriend show her ex-boyfriend most of her leg and thigh. Things only get worse after Heather picks truth and tells Morgan that her neck is her favorite place on her body to be kissed. Right as Morgan tells Heather that he doesn't think Jason will mind one small kiss on the neck, the audio cuts out and Jason and Sarah are left thinking about what they've just heard, for the rest of the night.

    The next morning Jason and Heather are given another choice, they are told they are allowed to pick an afternoon activity for their significant others. They are told that if they send their companions on a romantic picnic date, they will be allowed to spy, but if they send their partners to play a game of horseshoes then there will be no spying allowed. Heather takes the bait and Jason agrees it's good to feed the fire.

    Over a couple of daiquiris, Heather and Morgan spend their afternoon outside looking back at their years together in High School, while having their romantic picnic. When Morgan begins to remember all the fun he had with Heather during the dances they attended together, Heather's admits that she was heartbroken when she found out that Morgan was bringing someone besides her to his senior prom. Morgan apologizes for the past and, goes on to tell her how excited he used to get whenever he used to meet her after school.

    That evening Jason and Sarah are treated to even more spying when they get to watch Morgan and Sarah finally attend the senior prom that they never made it to. As Morgan and Heather spend the good portion of the night dancing, getting their picture taken, and having dinner, Jason and Sarah begin to agree that they don't like each other's significant other. When Sarah watches Morgan kiss Heather on the hand, she bursts into hysterics, claiming that Morgan kisses her the exact same way.

    As the evening winds down Jason and Sarah agree that they have both had enough spying and head to bed early. Instead of things heating up between Heather and Morgan, they decide to call it an early night as well, and head to bed separately.

    The next day, Morgan and Heather both receive maps with marked destinations on them, instructing them to navigate to the markers. When they both arrive at their markers they are surprised to find their ex's new significant other there waiting for them. Jason and Sarah begin to tell Morgan and Heather that they've been spying for the entire weekend, and were able to see exactly what was happening. They also tell them they must make a choice between their ex, or their current partner.

    Morgan and Sarah meet up first and Sarah is emotional right off the bat. When Sarah tells him she is jealous that Heather of capable of giving him butterflies in his stomach, he tells her that she also gives him butterflies. He adds that even though Heather is very close to him, his final choice is to stay with Sarah. Sarah accepts, and the young couple holds each other for an extended moment.

    When Heather meets up with Jason for the first time since the beginning of the weekend the atmosphere is tense. She can immediately tell by his eyes that her actions over the weekend have hurt him. Jason tells her that he can tell there is still some chemistry between her and Morgan, and that if she wants to be with him then she will have to stop speaking to Morgan all together. Even though Heather seems reluctant at first, she eventually gives in and goes to tell Morgan that they can no longer be friends. Morgan tries to convince her that Jason is being to controlling but she says she doesn't care and that she wants to build a relationship with him.