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  1. BJ and Racquia were high school sweethearts, but when BJ graduated and headed off to college they mutually decided to split up. Even though their break up was some time back, BJ says there were some unresolved issues when they split, and that he......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Racquia and BJ were high school lovebirds until BJ went away to college, when they are forced to spend a romantic weekend together reunited, will they be faithful to their new partners or will they fall prey to the X Effect.


About Episode

  1. BJ and Racquia were high school sweethearts, but when BJ graduated and headed off to college they mutually decided to split up. Even though their break up was some time back, BJ says there were some unresolved issues when they split, and that he is still attracted to Racquia. Now BJ is dating Tiffany, who says she definitely thinks their relationship will go long-term. Racquia has been dating Geno for the past six months and he says he loves everything about her, and that she's everything he could want in a woman.

    For the first time since they split, BJ and Racquia have agreed to spend the weekend together with their new significant others. When both couples arrive at the Canyon Visa Resort, Geno and Tiffany are informed that a car is coming to pick them up, and that BJ and Racquia will be spending the rest of the weekend together alone. The couples say their goodbyes and are separated for the rest of the weekend.

    When BJ and Racquia are shown to their room they are given 'ID bracelets' and told that even though there are two beds in the room, they are allowed to sleep wherever they'd like. In the middle of the room the couple notices a portrait of them from their high school sweetheart days, and immediately taken back to a time when they were together. For the next several hours BJ and Raquia spend their time fondly reminiscing about the times spent together as a couple.

    Meanwhile, Geno and Tiffany are beginning to catch on that they are not headed home. When they pull up to the Canyon Vista Resort, they are told they will be spending the rest of their weekend together in one of the resorts many suites. Geno and Tiffany quickly learn upon entering their suite that they will have several opportunities to spy on their current partners over the course of the weekend.

    Later that evening, BJ and Racquia sit down to have dinner with each other. Little do they know that Geno and Tiffany will be listening in on everything they're conversations through out dinner. When Racquia asks BJ about his current relationship with Tiffany, he tells her that, while he likes Tiffany, he isn't ready to be tied down yet. When BJ follows up with the same conversation, Racquia tells him the only relationships she is serious about are with herself and God. Both Tiffany and Geno are very surprised about the way their partners' view their relationship. Eventually Geno tries to put a moves onto Tiffany by spitting game but is instantly shot down.

    The next day BJ and Racquia are told they are being treated to a couples' sensual message. When they arrive at the spa they are surprised to find out that they will be the ones giving receiving massages...from each to each other. BJ is all smiles as he begins to rub lotion all over his ex's body, what he doesn't know is that his current girlfriend is watching his every move from inside the resort. Tiffany is not happy with watching her man's hands all over another woman, but is as equally disturbed when they switch and BJ starts receiving a rub down. Again Geno see an opportunity to be a shoulder to cry on and begins to console his roommate for the weekend.

    When BJ and Racquia return to their room they find a note on the door informing them that their things have been moved to the upgraded honeymoon suite because of unscheduled maintenance. What they are unaware of is that within the honeymoon sweet their ID bracelets work as tracking devices that will give away their physical location to their current partners.

    That night as BJ and Racquia receive a bottle of champagne from the hotel, BJ begins to serenade Racquia with a poem he has written for her. BJ's poem places his ex on a pedestal, and even alludes to wanting to get back together with her. Unfortunately for BJ he doesn't know that there is a microphone attached to his champagne bottle and that it's recording everything he's says, and transmitting it to the television in Tifanny and Geno's suite. As Tiffany listens to her current boyfriend read romantic poetry to his ex-girlfriend, she begins to feel betrayed, which eventually inspires her to make her way to the bedroom with Geno so she can give him a body massage in lingerie that was meant to be seen only by BJ. Over at the honeymoon suite, BJ tucks in Racquia on the couch and heads for the bed room by himself.

    The next morning BJ and Racquia both receive separate letters telling them to go to different locations on the resort grounds. When they each arrive at their locations r, they are surprised when they are confronted by their ex's current partners. Both Geno and Tiffany reveal to Racquia and BJ that they have been spying on them throughout the entire weekend and were able to see and hear everything, from the massages to the poetry. They then tell BJ and Racquia that they must now make a choice between their current partners or their ex.

    When Racquia meets up with Geno, they both act like they are very happy to see each other. Racquia tells Geno that she felt like the weekend only reinforced what they had before, and that she wants to keep going with him. Geno agrees, and they both head out of the resort together, hand-in-hand.

    Things do not work as well for BJ and Tiffany. Even though BJ tells his girlfriend he's decided to choose her, Tiffany tells him she witnessed too many disturbing things over the weekend, and doesn't believe him. When BJ tries to defend himself by saying Geno told him about the lingerie massage, Tiffany rebuts by telling BJ the lingerie was meant for him. Tiffany turns around and walks away right after telling BJ that she has decided they're better off as friends.