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  1. After a hot summer romance, Kelly and Jeremy split up because Kelly became increasingly jealous of Jeremy's flirtatious demeanor. Now it's time for these exes to find out if they're really over each other and can handle The X Effect. After the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Jeremy and Kelly broke up because Kelly got jealous of Jeremy's flirting; now they are both in new relationships, but must spend the weekend together at a romantic resort.


About Episode

  1. After a hot summer romance, Kelly and Jeremy split up because Kelly became increasingly jealous of Jeremy's flirtatious demeanor. Now it's time for these exes to find out if they're really over each other and can handle The X Effect.

    After the break up, Jeremy began dating Julianne, while Kelly ran into the arms of a guy named Dominic. The catch: Julianne and Dominic dated for three years! Although everyone is seemingly comfortable in their new relationships, is there still an attraction between Kelly and Jeremy or Julianne and Dominic? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Julianne hates Kelly because she's dating Dominic. But, surprisingly, all four exes agree to spend a weekend together at the luxurious Canyon Vista Resort. But there's a twist; Thomas the bellboy tells Kelly and Jeremy that they will be staying at the resort alone while Julianne and Dominic head home.

    Kelly and Jeremy are escorted to their room and told that, although there are two beds, they can to sleep wherever they like -- hint, hint. After settling in, the exes are informed that a romantic sushi dinner has been prepared for them. The two catch up, and ask a series of intimate questions that are hidden in fortune cookies. No harm here, right? Just fun, friendly dinner conversation!

    While Kelly and Jeremy get to the bottom of why they really broke up, Julianne is in the car with Dominic talking about how Kelly is going to "slut it up" with Jeremy. Then, Julianne and Dominic discover they are heading back to the resort to do some secret spying on their significant others!

    Julianne and Dominic are escorted to a bungalow where they must stay for the whole weekend. Thomas the bellboy tells them they can't contact their significant others but will have various opportunities to spy on them. Shortly after their arrival, Julianne and Dominic find a note in their room that says that their first chance to spy is during Kelly and Jeremy's romantic dinner. They are given the opportunity to listen to a snippet of the conversation, which reveals there's been a little bit of flirting going on between Kelly and Jeremy.

    The next day, Thomas the bellboy informs Julianne and Dominic that they must pick Kelly and Jeremy's activity for the day. He gives them a choice between sending Kelly and Jeremy to an intimate Tantric sex class and having the ability to spy or to play basketball with no spying capabilities. The two immediately opt for the basketball game because there?s no harm in a friendly ballgame, right?

    At the basketball court, Kelly and Jeremy learn that the childish game of HORSE has been altered and is now officially called 'Dare HORSE.' The strategy is simple: Kelly and Jeremy will shoot baskets from around the court and each missed shot means a hands-on dare must be performed. But when Kelly's dare is to give Jeremy a lap dance, she refuses. Smart move, Kelly!

    After the game, Kelly and Jeremy head back to their room and find a note on the door, informing them that they have been upgraded to the Honeymoon Suite. Meanwhile, it just so happens that because Kelly and Jeremy shot hoops, Julianne and Dominic must attend the Tantric sex class. After rubbing and fondling, the two let go of their inhibitions and Dominic admits he's tempted by Julianne. Is there still some love in the air?

    At the end of the day, Julianne and Dominic are shown a map of the Honeymoon Suite revealing that Kelly and Jeremy are sleeping in the same bed! Ironically, though, Kelly and Jeremy fell asleep watching a movie and are at opposite ends of the bed. But Julianne still feels dissed, so she asks Dominic to sleep beside her. How?s that for revenge?!

    The next morning, each of the exes is given a map they must follow to separate locations. When Kelly arrives at her destination she finds Julianne, who isn't happy to see her. The same goes for Jeremy, who finds Dominic waiting for him.

    Julianne tells Kelly that she thinks she's a "bitch" and a "slut" and rubs Kelly's nose in the fact that she and Dominic went to the Tantric sex class. Julianne then says she doesn't want Kelly having anything to do with Jeremy anymore. Meanwhile, Jeremy tells Dominic that Kelly was supposed to give him a lap dance but didn't.

    Now it's time for Kelly and Jeremy to choose who they want to be with. When they all meet up, Kelly is afraid to reveal her choice because she thinks Dominic still has feelings for Julianne. After hearing that nothing sketchy happened at the Tantric sex class, Kelly tells Dominic that he is the only one for her. Awww! At the same time, Jeremy reveals that he's chosen Julianne. But Julianne has one condition for staying together: Jeremy can never see Kelly again! Jeremy agrees and it looks like no love is lost on this episode of The X Effect!