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  1. Marcel and Ilka were in a hot and heavy relation ship for six months that he describes as a 'good relationship that was very passionate.' Durring the later part of the relationship Marcel met Monique at a party, and the two immediately hit it off,......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. When Marcel and Ilka are sent on a luxury romantic weekend, their current relationships are put to the test.


About Episode

  1. Marcel and Ilka were in a hot and heavy relation ship for six months that he describes as a 'good relationship that was very passionate.' Durring the later part of the relationship Marcel met Monique at a party, and the two immediately hit it off, even though he was still in a relationship with Ilka. Ilka eventually found out that Marcel had cheated on her with Monique, and instantly ended her relationship with him. Devastated because of her break-up, Ilca fled to the arms of Yaacov, her current boyfriend. Even though they are both respectively in new relationships, both Ilka and Marcel often wonder if things could have worked out.

    Now both of these X's and their partners have agreed to meet up for the first time since the break up to go on a weekend vacation to a luxurious resort. In a surprise turn of events, the X's are told that they are not allowed to bring their current significant others with them, and that Monique and Yaacov will have to abandon their plans and head home. Monique and Yaakov put their faith into their relationships with Marcel and Ilca as the X's are whisked away in a helicopter.

    When the X's land they are blown away by the extravagance of the resort, Ilca is also very excited to be spending some one-on-one time with Marcel. When they are escorted to their room, they are shown where their respective beds are, but told they are allowed to sleep wherever they'd like. After a short while, a note is slipped under their door informing them that the resort has given them a complimentary dinner at one of their finest restaurants.

    Meanwhile as Monique and Yaacov think they are heading home, they soon realize they are heading back to the resort where Marcel and Ilka are. When they arrive, Monique and Yaacov are escorted to a room that they are told they have to stay in for the remainder of the weekend. They are also told they will have various opportunities to spy on the significant others over the course of the weekend. Shortly after their arrival, Yaacov finds a note in their room that tells them that their first opportunity to spy will be during Ilca and Marcel's romantic dinner. Unfortunately, there is only one catch to their spying, they are either allowed to only watch through their television without sound, or listen without any visuals. After a short discussion, they decide to watch with out sound and are treated to video of Ilca giving Marcel a lap dance.

    The next day, a representative from the hotel visits Yaacov and Monique in their room. He informs them that they will be allowed to pick their partner's activity for the day. He gives them a choice between sending them to a couple's spa, and having the ability to spy, or sending them to play tennis with no spying capabilities. Even though Monique votes for Tennis, and says she doesn't want to spy, Yaacov is able to convince her to choose otherwise.

    Over at the couple's spa the X's are enjoying a cocoa butter rub down. When it comes time for them to begin to massage each other, the television in their partner's room conveniently turns on. After the rubdown, the X's head back to their room only to find a note on the door, informing them that they have been upgraded to the Honeymoon Suite. Arriving at the Honeymoon Suite, Ilca admits to feeling close to Marcel, and even begins to imagine them getting married.

    Back in Yaacov and Monique's room, a map is revealed on their TV of the honeymoon suite; shortly after a representative from the hotel arrives to explain that the blue and pink X's on the maps represent the physical location of the X's in the suite. They are also given the option of being able to send a bottle of champagne if they want to be able to spy on the X's during their dinner. Even though she has been against spying in the past, Monique jumps at the opportunity. Through out the course of the afternoon, and into the evening Yaacov and Monique watch as the different colored X's migrate over the screen, sometimes on top of each other. At one point audio is turned on, and Monique and Yaacov are able to eavesdrop on their partners reminiscing about the good times they had while they were dating.

    When the X's begin to discuss the current relationships they are in, Ilca is quick to point out the flaws of Yaacov and Monique. She tells Marcel that she thinks he's afraid of Monique, and that she doesn't really know where her relationship is going with Yaakov. After the X's feed each other some Twinkies, they strip down to their bathing suits for some late-night hot-tubing. By the end of the night the X's find themselves in the master bedroom retiring for the evening in each others arms.

    The next morning a representative from the resort visits the X's while they eat their breakfasts. He gives them both maps and tells them to use the maps to navigate separate spots of the resort. When Ilca arrives at her destination she is greeted by Monique, who is does not look happy to see her. The same goes for Marcel who flabbergasted to see Yaacov waiting for him. Both of the X's are told they need to make a choice between their current partners, or their ex's. When the X's head back to the Honeymoon Suite to reveal who they will choose to be with, Ilca is eager to tell Marcel that she has picked him over Yaacov. Unfortunately for Ilca, Marcel reveals that he is in love with Monique and that he has chosen to stay with her.