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  1. As promised by Wrestling Society X hype-man/ring announcer Fabian Kaelin, the WSX world of began not with a whimper, but with a BANG! This week's first match pits the super ego of Matt Sydal up against Jack Evans, The Prince of Parkland. Matt......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. This week WSXtra explodes with a three way grudge match, some of this week's most brutal high spots, and much more.


  2. The WSX revolution goes off with a bang this week when ten of the top ranked WSX Superstars battle it out for a chance at WSX gold.


About Episode

  1. As promised by Wrestling Society X hype-man/ring

    announcer Fabian Kaelin, the WSX world of began not with a whimper, but with a BANG!

    This week's first match pits the super ego of Matt Sydal up against Jack Evans, The Prince of Parkland. Matt starts out showing he's more then a pretty face by catching Jack in a huracanrana and attempting to throw him over the top rope. When Evans misses a corkscrew splash, Sydal gets the advantage, resulting in a two-and- half count that he follows with a standing moon-sault for another near miss. But the tables turn dramatically when Evans is able to connect with his 630 corkscrew and score a huge win.

    With the first match out of the way, bring on the main event,

    the 10-Man WSX Rumble to determine who will compete next week for the Wrestling Society X championship belt. Here's how it works: The match starts off with two men in the ring, with another man entering every forty-five seconds. Once all 10 have entered, contracts for the inaugural Wrestling Society X championship match will be hung 20 feet above the ring. The first two to grab contracts will face off a week later in the title match.

    Teddy Hart begins this contest by launching a water bottle that hits Justin Credible the face. The third-generation wresting star showboats to the crowd with a flip off the top rope, only to find himself eating a Credible super kick. Hart bounces back by hitting a beautiful springboard moonsault as Joey "Kaos" Munoz arrives in the ring.

    Credible and Hart focus their attention on Kaos, who rebuts a stiff double clothesline. Before long Vampiro, the lucha libre punk-rock legend arrives in the ring out of nowhere and begins to clean house with a series of clotheslines.

    Fresh out of jail, Alkatrazz attempts to prove he is the king of WSX Bunker, entering the rumble and immediately attacking Vampiro with a flying shoulder tackle. 6-Pac is next to make a grand entrance in the WSX bunker, followed by Chris Hamrick. 6-Pac, a former world champion in many organizations, hits a face plant on Vampiro and former X-Factor mate Justin Credible at the same time, before making his way to the corner of the ring to perform the bronco buster on Hart. New Jack is the next to the ring and he doesn't necessarily care about wins, losses, rules or laws. The most vicious man in the square circle, New Jack attempts to throw

    Hamrick over the top rope, but the crafty ring veteran is able to land feet first on the ring apron. Unfortunately for Hamrick, he is does not escape New Jack for long, and is eliminated from the match with New Jack's second attempt to dispose of him over the top rope. Thirsty for more, New Jack follows Hannick out of the ring, only to be notified by a WSX official that he has eliminated himself.

    Kaos is eliminated by Alkatrazz after Luke Hawk jumps on the apron and hits a back suplex that causes both men to go through the live electrical wires near the ring. Unfortunately for Alkatrazz, Luke's sacrifice is almost for nothing as he is the next combatant to be eliminated by a swift Vampiro super-kick. Suddenly Teddy Hart comes flying off the top rope and is caught in the air by Vampiro, however Teddy quickly counters with a tornado DDT as the final entrant, Youth Suicide, makes his way to the ring. With the 10th man in the Rumble, the contracts are hung over the ring.

    The "extreme rookie," Youth Suicide came into the ring with a fedora hat, a bucket full of 10,000 thumb tacks and, it would seem, a death wish. While Suicide is circling, Teddy Hart runs toward Justin Credible, but the former world champion back drops Teddy out of the ring and through a table, and he is eliminated. Suicide sets up a ladder in the ring and begins to climb towards the hanging contracts, but is met by Vampiro who power-bombs Suicide onto 10,000 thumbtacks.

    With Credible down, Suicide covered in tacks and Vampiro playing to the crowd, 6-Pac climbs the ladder to retrieve the first contract. Blinded by a face full of thumbtacks, Youth Suicide begins his second trip up the ladder to retrieve the remaining contract. But Justin Credible tips the ladder to send Suicide over the top rope and onto the section of steel cage rigged with explosives.

    Vampiro and Justin Credible are the final two men in this contest and both start up opposite ends of another ladder to grab the final contract for the first WSX Championship match. The crowd in the WSX Bunker goes insane when 6-Pac emerges from out of nowhere, and attempts knock both men down with a shove of the ladder. But Vampiro reaches out to the chain suspended above the Bunker to grab the second contract just before falling into the ring!




    Champion: Vacant (To Be Filled 2/6)

    1. 6-Pac

    2. Vampiro

    3. Jack Evans

    4. Human Tornado

    5. Teddy Hart



    starts next week!