1. CHAD It's finally moving day for Chad and his family. During last-minute packing in his room, Chad begins to accept the change, but is visibly struggling. Chad is saying goodbye to what has been his home for as long as he can remember. After......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. **Episode available on Amazon Prime** Kaylin's designs make their runway debut, Chad breaks down in his new home, the Turf Feinz host their biggest dance battle, and Jenks reflects on his year with the trio.


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About Episode

  1. CHAD

    It's finally moving day for Chad and his family. During last-minute packing in his room, Chad begins to accept the change, but is visibly struggling. Chad is saying goodbye to what has been his home for as long as he can remember.

    After arriving and beginning to unpack at his new home, Chad breaks down and cries over not being able to find some of his most important possessions. Concerned that he's not acting like a man, he decides that he'd like to ride his bike through the new neighborhood to calm himself. On the ride, with Jenks running alongside him, Chad's stress and anxiety begins to melt away.

    By the end of the ride, he is excited about his new home. Upon returning to the house, Jenks helps Chad organize his room.

    On his first night in the new house, Chad successfully sleeps in his own bed in his own room for the first time.

    Before saying farewell, a montage recounts Chad's accomplishments on his journey from boy to man: his first kiss, graduating from school, finding a job, and moving into a new home. Now a full-blown member of Chad's family, it's "see you later" and not "goodbye" as Jenks packs up and drives home.


    It's now or never as Kaylin readies her collection fro Brooklyn Fashion Weekend. Her designs are just barely finished before showtime.

    Unlike the other designers, Kaylin has chosen a different aesthetic for her runway presentation. As a result of her cancer and illness, Kaylin believes that she missed out on the innocence of youth. She intends to use this platform as an opportunity to communicate that youthful innocence to the audience. Kaylin's show is both a success and huge relief.

    Weeks later, Kaylin gets her first full-time job working for her childhood idol, designer Betsey Johnson.

    Jenks picks up Chinese food before visiting Kaylin in Brooklyn. It's their last day of filming together and Kaylin is feeling under the weather. While hanging out, they look back on their friendship and their experience documenting Kaylin's life. Jenks and Kaylin reflect on the filming process, crossing boundaries of work and friendship, and conclude that they have a much stronger understanding of each other's lives as a result.


    Jenks joins D-Real as he shops for baby shoes for his son Dom. Jenks says he feels like he has gone from bachelor to surrogate Dad.

    Back from the success of opening for Mac Miller, D-Real prepares to host his biggest event yet: a city-sponsored dance battle in one of Oakland's most violent neighborhoods. The unprecedented event will take place in a public park and extend past sundown. As a necessary precaution, additional security and Oakland's Police Department will be on hand, making safety for all attendees the number one goal.

    Jenks explains that there is a strong distrust between many Oakland residents and the police department, and D-Real has felt hostile to the police for as long as he can remember. But as the host of this dance battle, D-Real must put aside his personal feelings in order to pull off this event. In promoting it, D-Real encourages his friends and supporters to embrace the necessary security.

    Just before the dance battle, D-Real and the Turf Feinz get tattoos that symbolize their bond as a team and family.

    In a huge sign of support, Oakland's Mayor, Jean Quan, attends the event and introduces D-Real on stage. The dance battle is a big success, and D-Real thanks the police and security teams for their help.

    During a car ride to drop off D-Real, he and Jenks reflect on their year together. D-Real tells Jenks that the most important moment on their journey together was their time at the White Cross Memorial. It was then that he realized what he needed to stop running from the grief he felt over his brother's death, and that he had a real friend in Jenks.

    Jenks closes out the season with a look back at his personal experience having been on camera for a year, recognizing his close bond with the crew, specifically his best friend, Jonah. He's grateful to Chad, Kaylin, and D-Real for having the courage to share their lives, and this experience has solidified his own desire to continue to tell other people's stories.