1. CHAD In an effort to help Chad lose weight, Jenks wants to take him to the gym. While Chad would rather "die and rot in hell," he goes anyway. After a failed attempt at the treadmill and refusing to try free-weights, Chad finds success on the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Check out what happened on episode 8 of 'World Of Jenks.'


  2. **Episode available on Amazon Prime** The Turf Feinz doubt their futures in dance, Chad finds out his family is moving, and Kaylin sees her completed comic book.


  3. In these exclusive clips, Kaylin tells Jenks about her first impression of him, and the Turf Feinz talk about fatherhood.


About Episode

  1. CHAD

    In an effort to help Chad lose weight, Jenks wants to take him to the gym. While Chad would rather "die and rot in hell," he goes anyway. After a failed attempt at the treadmill and refusing to try free-weights, Chad finds success on the stationary bike.

    Chad, Jenks, and Chad's job coach, Sean, return to Alfonso's for a trial run at Chad's potential job. Alfonso puts Chad immediately to work: making garlic knots, folding pizza boxes, and stocking supplies. Chad quickly impresses the staff with his skills and charm. Alfonso offers Chad a job, which he excitedly accepts.

    Later, Jenks goes grocery shopping with Sheri, Chad's mother. She explains that she and Chad's father have adjusted their eating habits to help curb Chad's diabetes. She then reveals that the family is planning to move into a new apartment in a nearby town, but they haven't told Chad yet. Jenks worries because Chad doesn't do well when his routine is changed.

    Back at the house, Chad becomes very angry upon learning about the move. While arguing with his parents, Chad threatens to move into a group home. As a way to ease Chad's anxiety about moving, Jenks decides to introduce Chad to his own family. Since Jenks moved a lot during his childhood, he hopes that they might be able to offer Chad some comforting advice. Before leaving, Chad changes his mind about making the trip, which results in an argument with Jenks.

    After resolving Chad's "first fight with a friend," Chad and Jenks drive to meet Jenks' family. Jenks' parents, Bruce and Nancy, and his brother Matt are able to comfort Chad while sharing their own experiences about moving.


    Not well enough to film with Jenks and his crew, Kaylin films herself in her Brooklyn apartment. She expresses her frustration at constantly being in pain and not being able to enjoy a normal life like her peers.

    A few days later she is feeling better and meets up with Jenks at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, where she talks about trying to balance everything in her life. Later, back at her apartment, they open a package that contains the finished product of Kaylin's comic book, Terminally Illin'. She hopes that the comic will help uplift other young cancer patients.

    Kaylin has been asked to appear on a radio show to promote her comic book. Produced by the organization I'm Too Young For This, "The Stupid Cancer Show" features guests that have all survived or are battling cancer. Both the show and Kaylin's comic are meant to raise awareness and provide support to young adults living with cancer. Kaylin's appearance is a success and a big boost in publicizing the comic.


    D-Real and the Turf Feinz are preparing for a planned music video shoot in Oakland to be produced by choreographer Flii Stylz.

    Jenks meets Keona at her job (Tully's Coffee in San Francisco), and then the two of them take the train back to Oakland. Keona is impressed that D-Real has been able to simultaneously pursue his dance career and help care for their son. While they're both young, Keona reveals that she and D-Real planned to have a child as a way to give their lives purpose and fulfillment. She explains that it was a way to ensure that someone will always love you.

    Upon arriving in town, Flii's plans have unexpectedly changed. He is not prepared to shoot a music video, which causes the Turf Feinz to seriously doubt his investment in their career. The disappointment results in an emotional conversation between Jenks and the Turf Feinz about trust and quality of life for them and their families in Oakland.

    But then a turn of events with Flii and the Turf Feinz causes Jenks to meet them in Los Angeles. Flii has booked the Turf Feinz as an opening act at a Mac Miller concert in Seattle. Jenks arrives as the Turf Feinz are in the midst of intense rehearsals. With minimal time to prepare, tension levels are high as Flii pushes them to deliver an impressive performance. Flii explains that this will make or break whether or not he signs the Turf Feinz to his management company.